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My Due Date: March 27, 2019
I have given birth!
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Going gluten free... wah wah
By ericalee2 » Posted Oct. 22, 2018 5:25pm - 290 views - 3 comments

I went to see the acupuncturist who is really the first person that was ever suspicious that my immune system was the issue for me not being able to maintain a pregnancy. I really credit her for turning me on to everything I have discovered about my stealth immune system. But when she told me that she really wants me to go to gluten free for the rest of my pregnancy I wanted to throw a toddler temper tantrum. Her reasoning for it is twofold -- one because gluten is known to fire up my thyroid antibodies (as well as other components of my immune system) and since I will not be receiving my IVIg infusions to modulate my immune system this time around, she wants me to try to calm my immune system however I can in preparation for weaning off of prednisone.

She's being totally reasonable and I know this will be for the best, but maaaaannnnnn I love me some gluten. Plus the holidays are coming up and I bake A LOT and our Christmas dinner consists of an Italian feast since my family is Italian... LOTS of gluten. I will be researching lots and lots of GF alternatives. I did GF when I was pregnant with my daughter for the first 20 weeks, so I am trying to tell myself I can totally make it for 23 weeks with this pregnancy. Right?! Anyone else GF that has product/recipe recommendations?

She is taking it easy on me by only having me do GF... She could also asking me to be dairy free and to eliminate all of the foods I have a severe reaction to. Back story -- years back I did the ALCAT blood test, which tests your blood against a bunch of different foods. It measures what your body does and does not really like based on a response from white blood cells in the sample it is tested against. I have quite an extensive list of what I should/should not eat, but some of them are such everyday staples it would be tough. Like Bananas, cow's milk(and cheese and yogurt and ice cream), things like that. So I will start with gluten and see how things go. I am kind of curious to see if I feel any different.

I gave my husband a nice guilt trip about it all when we started talking about the holidays. I said I would have to make GF alternatives for the cake ball truffles, cookies, thanksgiving stuffing, etc. and he said "well I think I can have the real versions and you can just make a side of GF for you". and I was pretty snippy with my reply, something along the lines of "Oh you are totally for me going GF for the sake of the baby as long as it has zero effect on you. I make a lot of daily sacrifices when I am pregnant and I didn't think it would be so much to ask to find GF alternatives we could all enjoy to make this a little easier for me". He got really quiet and said "you're right... we will find alternatives" I mean... I am not asking him to give up the beer he drinks, his daily sandwiches with real bread, etc.... but these big holiday meals I am asking for a little help with so I feel a little more included... Throw the pregnant woman a bone!

Aside from my nutrition switch... I have been having more feelings that this nugget is a girl. No idea why, but I do. I keep wanting to say "she, her". We have decided we are definitely going to find out the gender. Two weeks and 4 days until we know! :D

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Oct. 23, 2018 10:54am
Haha I still wrote flower instead of flour! You can PM me if you ever have questions

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Oct. 23, 2018 10:52am
Regular flour (sorry I’ve got dumb head with flower above) don’t use krusteaz flower mix it’s absolutely terrible. King Arthur is the best but pricey so with my family size we use Walmart brand and it’s not bad at all. I used to have to make my own mixture so the stores are catching up fast, thank goodness. I hope it helps you out...anything more elaborate like ravioli you really have to tweak and work with. Oh, and the taste of bob mills multi purpose flour is gross, to me, probably because it’s got bean in it, use other ones instead, just check ingredients cause that one turned me off (it’s in a red bag, not blue). Hang in there, at least it’s temporary. I have IBS, so I try to stay on it. And when my kids get it, we see a change in behavior and sleep. GL

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Oct. 23, 2018 10:41am
Men, lol. I’ve been stressing just about my impending labor and it’s easy for him to smile and say, you’ve got this, meanwhile he’s an ass if he’s got the sniffles or woke up once last night. Oh well, you’re right in how you feel IMO.
So we do GF, and it will be harder without others on board. Holidays, I hear you, especially since this all started for my son, and when everyone still brings their gluten, he’s going to get some crossover from it, not to mention he’s fast at snatching food when everyone least expects it. Turkey, can’t stuff it with the typical or you’re getting gluten. Once we all got on board at my house it became easier, just not when we are around others, lol. We avoid going out to eat most of the time as well. But we’ve gotten use to it.
With baking it’s so much easier now than it was a few years back, like night and day. I pretty much use my reg. recipes but use my GF flower mix in place of

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