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My Due Date: March 27, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 40 years old

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32w2d - Polar vortex and influenza, good times!
By ericalee2 » Posted Feb. 1, 2019 9:21pm - 390 views - 3 comments

Let's start with the good things... Today I am 32w2d and we had our growth ultrasound to check on little man. He is in the 75th percentile overall and everything looks good! He was so NOT cooperative during the ultrasound and had both a hand and a knee in front of his face so we got zero good pictures. A knee?! Kid, that cannot be comfortable. Today they did a transvaginal ultrasound to check on the status of my placenta because of the VCI cord issue. I thought I was done with these types of ultrasounds! I did get a little nervous when the perinatologist came in to give me results -- usually this has always meant they found something off, but she just told us that the cord and placenta location look great for a vaginal delivery. Whew!

We're starting to get things ready at home. The biggest thing has been about where he will sleep. At first next to my bed, but after about 2-3 months I need to NOT hear every grunt baby makes so I can sleep. We thought our older kids could share a room, but after a weekend in a hotel where they shared a little bunkbed room it was very clear none of us will be sleeping if that happens. WOOF. Plus our daughter takes way shorter of naps and goes to bed later. If our younger son followed the same sleeping pattern he would be a hot mess and crabby all the time. Sooooo I had an epiphany a week ago. We have this little open loft/study room off of our master bedroom. You get to it through french doors and it is open to the staircase and first floor below, and also has a window. Hopefully you can picture it. It's not huge, but decent size. I ordered a room divider tension rod and also a room divider curtain to block off the staircase (and light/sound that would be coming with it) to essentially kiiind of make it a little room. The stuff for it is coming on Monday so we'll see how it works! The room will at least fit a crib, glider, and a little storage solution for clothes and such. This will give us more time to have our kids fall into a better sleep schedule before we double them up. :)

And now onto the less positive updates. I live in Wisconsin... if you have seen the news it is all about the polar vortex and how ridiculously cold it has been here. It has been terribly awful, yuck. To make matters worse our daycare was cancelled M - Th of this week and my husband, who is a firefighter and doesn't have his job ever shut down, worked M & W. And to add to that I came down with influenza. It has been the longest week of my life. Trying to parent while feeling like absolute shit is AWFUL. What do SAHMs do?? Even the days my husband was home to parent so I could try to rest were NOT restful. I locked myself in our bedroom to sleep and our kids were banging on the door crying for mommy like they hadn't seen me in a month. uuuggggghhhh. Plus it was too cold for anyone to really go outside to do anything. Homebound for 6 solid days with no reprieve and sick. It was a nightmare!! I called my OB's office Tuesday and they ordered me Tamiflu without even making me come in. Bless them. I am finally starting to not feel like garbage, but still can't taste or smell -- it has been a week!!! I am hoping this nasal congestion goes away pronto and there is basically nothing they like pregnant women to take that actually works, so that is super fun.

That's my update in a nutshell! I can't really complain too much about the pregnancy part. Turns out trying to sleep in my third tri is wayyyyy easier than trying to sleep when I cannot breathe through my nose at all and can't stop coughing. :D

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from MalPal85 » Posted Feb. 4, 2019 2:50pm
What a week for sure! Glad you are feeling better! I gave family in Wisconsin and I've seen some of their Facebook posts. Holy cold! We're in upstate, NY and had the cold last Wednesday and Thursday but it didn't get as bad as Wisconsin! Glad you have the room situation figured out. We will be transferring our 3 year old upstairs (our bedroom and our 3 year old's bedroom are currently downstairs). I
m praying to God that the transition runs smoothly!

Comment from RPope84 » Posted Feb. 2, 2019 3:38pm
So sorry you've been so sick. I wanted to share with you whay my doctor would let me take when I was pregnant. I had a terrible cold continuously from about 6 weeks to about 14 weeks. Like you, my doctor didn't really want me to take anything, but after seeing how desperate I was (I cried some mornings lol) she said I could take Coricidin, I think that's how you spell it. It's normally used for patients with high blood pressure. Honestly I was a little doubtful, but it helped me more than any cold medicine I'd taken. I still use it now lol. You may want to ask your doctor if this is ok to take. I was in the first trimester though, so that might be different. Hope you feel better soon.

Comment from cmere84 » Posted Feb. 2, 2019 4:25am
How exciting!!! Nearly there!!!

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