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My Due Date: March 27, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 39 years old

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36w2d -- I am going to give birth to a toddler!
By ericalee2 » Posted Mar. 1, 2019 3:13pm - 705 views - 2 comments

Saw Sandy's comment and didn't even realize that I hadn't written a journal in a MONTH! Holy crap! That went fast.

Yesterday we had our final growth ultrasound to make sure the cord insertion isn't affecting little man's growth. Uh, well, I feel like it is doing the OPPOSITE. Kid is in the 90th percentile for overall weight, and >99th percentile for head and abdomen. He is estimated at 7lbs6oz currently, give or take a half pound. And I have 4 weeks left where they are estimated to grow a 1/2 pound a week. WOOF! Our daughter was 7lbs12oz and son was 6lbs15oz. Liiiiitle terrified that this child is going to be GIANT and what that's going to do to my lady bits.

So yeah, I think we're good if he decides to come at any time now based on his general size. Ideally he will give us another week and a half since my hubs is having his snip snip procedure next Thursday, rescheduled from when it was cancelled due to the polar vortex in January. I really want that taken care of before the baby comes. One less thing to have to coordinate with THREE kids..... and also so it will hopefully make us in the clear to not have to worry about birth control by the time I am cleared to resume "adult relations". :)

Overall, I am doing pretty well. Finally had to stop going to my boot camp workouts and put my membership on hold. The actual workouts were ok, but I was SO SORE in my hips and such for three days after it just wasn't worth it. My hips have been the hardest part lately. They are just SO sore and achy. I can feel my pelvis definitely spreading, going #2 is NOT pleasant already (boooo), and I have started getting some insomnia spells in the middle of the night. All the normal pregnancy things. Compared to my other two pregnancies, I have been pleasantly surprised that I don't have any carpal tunnel issues this time and also no sciatica. Those sucks, so I am ok with how I feel so far.

Started packing my bag and baby's bag for the hospital, my husband installed the car seat, and we have the "big items" ready for baby when we get home. I don't feel nearly as prepared as I did before our other two children arrived, but I feel like I am also just more relaxed about it too?? TBD. One thing I am MORE prepared for is the breastfeeding situation. I have always struggled with my supply, so this time I have been attempting to collect colostrum prior to delivering to have on hand in the hospital to supplement until we go home. Fingers crossed things go better this time, but I lucked out and was able to pick up some newborn donor breastmilk from a woman nearby. So I will have that on hand if things don't go as I'd like them to.

OB appointment on Monday where I think they're test me for GBS and we'll talk about my final plan. I know she will strip my membranes as early as 38w, which I might just do. TBD. I am planning to go back to work 6/1, so trying to take that into consideration too. If only we had paid maternity leave at my company... or my country.. BOOOO.

I'll post a bump pic in a few min!

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from aprilluvsmoz » Posted Mar. 5, 2019 7:28am
You are almost done Erica! It does sound like you will have a niice big boy! My son Brayden trended big my entire pregnancy I was induced at 37 weeks 5 days and he weighed in at 8lbs! 20 inches. Since he has gotten here that trend has continued he is now to 14 lbs and 22 inches at 2 months old!!! The crazy thing is delivery was actually easier with him then my son Noah who was 7lbs 6 oz..Best of luck with everything but I am sure you’ve got it you have been here before and I am sure you will handle this like a champ!

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted Mar. 2, 2019 10:51am
It's funny how fast time flies. Don't worry about ur lady bits, everything will work out fine, they'll heal. Despite not feeling ready, u really do sound like ur ready. Ur much more relaxed this time around. U know what needs to be done, and what issues u encountered previously, and ur prepared for them. U've got this!! Enjoy the last few days/weeks. =))

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