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My Due Date: June 6, 2018
I am postpartum » My due date was more than 2 weeks ago

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13 weeks 6 days Pregnant (Past Pregnancy)
Ultrasound Date: November 18, 2014
By katewong » Posted Nov. 28, 2014 10:03am - 2646 views - 7 comments

13 weeks 4 days

Comments for this Ultrasound Picture

Comment from katewong » Posted Dec. 24, 2014 5:52pm
@stickybean1976 I was thinking about letting you know last night! You were the ONLY and I mean only person that said girl. And you were right. Merry Christmas :)

Comment from katewong » Posted Dec. 10, 2014 11:15am
So crazy! I'll definitely let you know.. I can't even see the nub though! LOL

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Nov. 29, 2014 5:05pm
Google the nub theory it is only based on which direction it is facing nothing to do with little round things lol, it's 60% accurate at 12 weeks. Once you get a little further on the girl bits are determined by the 3 lines that clearly form indicating the virgina. Have a look at my 12 weeks scan pics particularly the bottom right photo in the collage and you will see the nub line between the legs like on yours. not far away from the feet it's a little line and it's all based on the direction of that. ;-)

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Nov. 29, 2014 2:25pm
No girl the nub is very flat and clear so we'll have to wait and see who's right lol. I'm not a sonogography but have had a zillion u/s but I maybe wrong for sure. It's all fun guessing and speculating. Can't wait to hear now.

Comment from katewong » Posted Nov. 29, 2014 5:00am
Thank you! I think it's a boy, based on a little round thing I saw between the legs! What is this nub theory you speak of? :)

Comment from PinkGlitter15 » Posted Nov. 29, 2014 2:10am
Great picture of your lil cutie!! :-)

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Nov. 28, 2014 10:55am
Congrats cute. Did they tell you or give you an early idea of the sex. This pic shows the nub well. Or is it a surprise for you. I found out at 12 weeks and it's stayed the same. GL :-)

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