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Is It Safe?

Should I wait till I’m 12 weeks?
According to other due date calculators, I’m at the end of my 10 weeks and tomorrow I’ll be 11 weeks pregnant. Should ... [read more]

Asked by eemanava - Jul. 11, 2019 2:49pm - Category: Is It Safe?
NT Scan
I am told I need to do an NT Scan at 6months. what is an NT SCAN? what is it all about.... [read more]

Asked by myself - Jan. 24, 2019 12:01pm - Category: Is It Safe?
Brown spotting at 14 weeks.... Scared... Pls advice
Hi I am 14weeks now. Since last two days, I am seeing brown spotting and a bit scared. I had last ultrasound at 13 weeks and hear... [read more]

Asked by pupul30 - Oct. 19, 2018 5:33am - Category: Is It Safe?
I had my first IUI last Thursday
Today i went for blood work and they told me my levels. E2 - 96.5 and P4 - 13.4. What does it mean? Is it good numbers?... [read more]

Asked by MARAX26 - Sep. 27, 2018 9:49pm - Category: Is It Safe?
Raglan is it bad ?
Has any one had any serious side effect from taking raglan? My DH read all the scary possibilities and now he doesn't want me to t... [read more]

Asked by NeoVictorianMom - Jan. 6, 2018 2:50pm - Category: Is It Safe?
Has anybody been prescribed Wellbutrin for their second and third trimesters? I tend to get some crazy postpartum depression and ... [read more]

Asked by LinnyBuck - Nov. 9, 2017 2:27pm - Category: Is It Safe?
Weight loss during 2nd trimester
Im losing weight with this pregnancy and Im currently in my second trimester. Is it possible to lose some weight and still have a ... [read more]

Asked by Hberry - Jul. 21, 2017 2:17am - Category: Is It Safe?
I'm on cycle day 17 my temp was 98.2 today and yesterday I'm using ovia fertilitty app
'm on cycle day 17 I'm using a ovia fertility app and it says I'm fertile to have sex today and take a opk I have a 28 day cycle a... [read more]

Asked by mmcculler31 - Jun. 5, 2017 7:19pm - Category: Is It Safe?
50mg Sleep Aid?
Is it safe to take walmart sleep aid quality plus? 50mg diphenhydramine. I am in FIRST trimester so I am super careful but I haven... [read more]

Asked by Hollena - Apr. 9, 2017 3:21am - Category: Is It Safe?
I am 16 weeks today & not gaining weight
i am 16 weeks today, and when i got pregnant i weighed 180 pounds. within the first month i gained 7 pounds making me at 187 by t... [read more]

Asked by americus0013 - Apr. 3, 2017 3:03pm - Category: Is It Safe?