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Pregnancy & Work - Page 8

if me and my boyfriend get married will i lose my medicade benifits please help me
we are afraid that if we get married then the baby will lose medicade benifits and we need the benifits i am just a home sitter wi... [read more]

Asked by KJolly - Sep. 29, 2013 7:04pm - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Fell Down...Hurt Anything You Think?
So I am 13+1 and today at school I slipped and fell in the cafeteria. Student spilled milk need I say more? I just landed on my kn... [read more]

Asked by PrayingforHH9mnths! - Sep. 25, 2013 9:26pm - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Advice on teaching during early pregnancy...
Hi all, I need some advice and words of wisdom for working during my pregnancy. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and teaching 2nd grade. I'm e... [read more]

Asked by ckurpjuweit - Sep. 13, 2013 12:30am - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Chicken farming
Ok so now that im released to work im trying to find a job. My mom had mentioned the local egg farm. I would be seperating the e... [read more]

Asked by JessicaWall11 - Aug. 29, 2013 3:34am - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Just need help from other mommies.
So going through divorce. Ex husband has his new girlfriend who hes been spending $100+ on a week. They are rubbing it in my fac... [read more]

Asked by JessicaWall11 - Aug. 24, 2013 10:31pm - Category: Pregnancy & Work
How much does an employer in Ontario have to accommodate for issues related to pregnancy?
I was just told today by my cardiologist that he now wants me to take a 1 hour break during work to lay down with my feet up. Eve... [read more]

Asked by hopefullll - Jul. 22, 2013 9:22pm - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Help! What to tell work?
So I received my appointment today in the post for my first scan tomorrow! So this hasn't left me anytime to arrange cover for my ... [read more]

Asked by cotswoldlovely - Jul. 18, 2013 4:52pm - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Starting new job and 7 weeks pregnant.
I will be around 11 weeks when I start my new job, it's in a bank being a customer advisor, which won't effect me working as I won... [read more]

Asked by xxRachiixx - Jun. 21, 2013 1:56pm - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Just started new job.
Ok ill be 10 weeks on satuarday. I just got the call yesterday the I was hired. My first day was today. My mom told me to wait ... [read more]

Asked by JessicaWall11 - Jun. 7, 2013 12:28am - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Not a question: Just a heads up for those not wanting to know gender
Okay, so I'm 20 weeks and DID NOT want to know the gender as this is my last pregnancy and I wanted to be totally surprised. So, ... [read more]

Asked by hopefullll - Jun. 3, 2013 11:56am - Category: Pregnancy & Work