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Category: Pregnancy Complications

Asked by saramccartney123

Q: Thinking to apply for another baby

Hey, how have you all been? Its been a while since I posted something here. I've actually been so busy with my 1-year-old. I little background story: I have a 1-year-old son who I had through surrogacy. My husband and I both were diagnosed infertile. Our doctor suggested we go for it so we did and now we have a son of our own. You see, the thing is, my biological clock is ticking. I'm already 40. I still want my eggs to work for the second baby. I feel like waiting more might be risky for me. Applications won't take long. I have decided to go to the same place I did back when I had my first son. I really need to decide what to do right now. Let me know what you guys think about this. Thanks a lot.

This question was asked Oct. 14, 2018 7:39pm
Category: Pregnancy Complications

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Answered by nate34 - Nov. 4, 2018 6:12pm
Hey there. I think you should definitely go for it. Taking too long might not be the best idea. Mostly because as we age our eggs also grow old. Which would make it difficult to conceive even through surrogacy. I am glad that you are thinking of having another baby. I really hope this goes grateful. You are not making a hasty decision. The sooner you decide this, the better it would be for you and the baby. Do let us know which clinic you opt for. It would be so beneficial for all of us. I know this for sure. As there are so many women in my circle who have opted or are thinking of surrogacy. It is a very beneficial treatment. I cannot imagine a world without it. As I have seen my own friend opt for it. She was so happy, that she could become a mother.

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