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Category: Pregnancy & Work

Asked by MDD2011

Q: Any night shift nurses out there???

I am an RN and work the night shift (7-7) and am having a really hard time sleeping during the day now. I'm 18 weeks and it just seems to get harder. On work days, I'm sleeping about 3 hours a day and it is NOT enough!!! And the switching back and forth between days and nights of work days/off days is killing me!! I have been looking for a new job on days for a few months now, but there really isn't anything available near where I live. Anyone else working nights and have any tips?? I'm going to have to talk to my manager in the next few weeks if I can't figure anything else out.

This question was asked Apr. 2, 2014 4:13am
Category: Pregnancy & Work

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Answered by jemharding - Apr. 3, 2014 7:01am
I did nights am currently 28 weeks pregnant and starting maternity leave at 29 weeks. I could have transferred to days but with two other children at home couldn't afford the child care. It was so hard especially when your never catching up on sleep I used to only get 3 hrs the next day too. It did take a toil on my body and couldn't of gone past 29 weeks. It's a hard situation but I'd advise take leave early or if possible your gp can sign you over to days. Good luck.xx

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Answered by running19 - Apr. 3, 2014 5:53am
You definitely have my sympathy - I was switching 2 nights/1 day a week with three kids and finally ditched it - I couldn't sleep and couldn't function. I wasn't pregnant, so I can't imagine how you are feeling! I am not currently on nights, but I had a co-worker who had her doc write her employer that she could not stay on nights because of a medical condition. The employer was required to accommodate the request, and did, so now she is much healthier and happier but didn't have to leave her job/unit. You might talk to your OB/Midwife and your supervisor or HR department to find out if they could place you on a day shift for medical reasons, at least until you have come back from maternity leave. Good luck, I wish you all the best. :)

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