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Category: Pregnancy & Work

Asked by daisymai11

Q: What's the latest I can tell my work I'm expecting?

Ok to put you in the picture, I work for a big company but in a very small office with 3 others (all males) 2 of which are immature young boys!!! 19 & 20. The office manager is. A complete arse! He's so rude and has the other 2 eating out the palm of his hand. However my direct manager based at HQ is a complete bitch!!! She hates it when one of 'her staff' is expecting because it's more time and effort for her to find a replacement and train them. She deals with it completely the wrong way. (My 1st pregnancy I think she ignored me for 2 weeks in a mood about the pregnancy) They are so unapproachable. When I miscarried a few months ago I had to tell them as I was in hospital and reasons for my time off. They all gossiped about me and told others within the company my personal circumstances. So this time around I don't want to give them the opportunity, I want to tell them as late as pos, or as long as I can hide my bump. Usually it has to be 15wks before EWC. Any advice ladies

This question was asked Jan. 5, 2015 8:12pm
Category: Pregnancy & Work

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Answered by TXkadams - Jan. 6, 2015 12:16am
I don't think you legally have to tell them until you are ready to take time off (or whatever notice you need to give for that). But honestly at some point your body is going to give away the secret. I told with my first at 18 weeks. That's pretty late for most people, but we travel a lot in my department and it took a few weeks for us to both be in town at the same time and for me to work up the nerve to tell him. I was about 10 weeks pregnant when I interviewed for the position and started work at 12 weeks pregnant. I did not disclose my pregnancy at the interview process (not that I needed to). I felt like I needed to wait at least a month before I told him just so he'd be more comfortable with my work. For my second I told him at 13 weeks I think. But I started showing much earlier for my second than I did for my first too.

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Answered by mommyof2Nsky - Jan. 6, 2015 1:44am
OMG i know exactly what your going through! I worked with only 3 other people and when i found out i was preg i told my boss and he didn't speak to me AT ALL until i had Miscarried it. and so when i got pregnant again i didn't tell any of them and unfortunately i Miscarried it as well... so i got pregnant a third time and didn't tell anyone until i was in my 2nd trimester and by then i was showing big time and then they wanted to know why i didn't already tell them. duuuuuuh.... plus i knew i didn't have to tell them at all. I am now 29 weeks and I put in my notice months before i decided to quit. Don't let them stress you out hunny. bad for the baby.

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Answered by aubabylcd - Jan. 5, 2015 8:35pm
I wish you could just get a new job :( That is not stress you need. Do you have an HR person you could talk to about this? I was worried about telling work too and I enlisted my HR lady because she's so super supportive and helped me with it. Good luck... I honestly wouldn't tell anyone until you were obviously showing. That's been my plan through my pregnancies, but I tend to pop super early. GL!!

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Answered by daisymai11 - Jan. 6, 2015 8:50am
I would have loved to have started a new job, Where i work at the moment is 2 miles from my house, Really convenient part time hours, its a nice little job, that pays well. theyve just got the wrong mix of people in the office now and it makes me dread comin in everyday it drains all my energy to even sit in te same office as these people. HR are all snobs and soo unhelpful, and take weeks to respons to anything. Also didnt want to start a new job and then go off on maternity leave straight away. all i keep thinking is ive got 6 monhs left. and then i can take a year off paid. Ive already got a little bump but wearing raelly loose dresses, its not noticable, with my 1s i didnt show until around 20 weeks. so maybe tell them at 20 weeks?

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