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Category: Is It Safe?

Asked by mmcculler31

Q: I'm on cycle day 17 my temp was 98.2 today and yesterday I'm using ovia fertilitty app

'm on cycle day 17 I'm using a ovia fertility app and it says I'm fertile to have sex today and take a opk I have a 28 day cycle and I ovulate on between cycle day 14, 15 my temperature was 98.2 all 3 days after a
ovulation so what should I do baby dance on the last fertile day

This question was asked Jun. 5, 2017 7:19pm
Category: Is It Safe?

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Answered by estone - Jun. 8, 2017 3:02am
Based on your temps, it seems like you already ovulated, so if you BD now, you would have missed the egg.

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