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Category: Pregnancy Fashion & Beauty

Asked by youxiu

Q: How about graphics drawing tablet XP-Pen Artist15.6 ?

There's been endless discussions about alternatives for XP-Pen's Artist15.6 / Pen Display products. But no one seems to offer anything substantial as to why Wacom's Better.

With that, I was able to get hold of a tablet monitor made using Waltop's digitizer (also in Yiynova, Adesso, P-Active, and more).
Verdict: For activities like painting and sketching, the Waltop monitors do suffice. But If you need to do fine line inking/tracing, with typical stroke sizes of 1-5 pixels, XP-Pen is still undisputed. For a price, of course.

An aside: Hanvon does have a 12inch tablet monitor (the Sentip) using the same magnetic field tech as XP-Pen . The tracking is similar in quality to XP-Pen's product. But drivers are a problem. And since they priced it very close to XP-Pen's 15.6inch Cintiq, I'm not sure why anyone will get the Sentip over XP-Pen's.


This question was asked Apr. 3, 2018 6:08am
Category: Pregnancy Fashion & Beauty

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