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Hello! i am 17 weeks and 2 days!

Most of my morning sickness is gone and same with nausea!! Super!! I have been experiencing some heartburn/ indigestion. Not enough to need to take anything for it. I am back up to my pre-pregnancy weight so I haven’t really gained anything yet. I’ve been moody! I get easily frustrated, but for the most part I have been really calm and very nice… (my husband agrees… told me so last night)


I posted this on countdown my pregnancy…

Recently I have become clumsy I have fallen a few times… nothing terribly serious… but dh and I bd’d Thursday and after that had some pretty bad spotting. I called doc and was told to pretty much stay in bed for the rest of the evening and see how it goes… Friday morning the spotting stopped… no spotting¬† Saturday or Sunday…

Well, Saturday
Ii slipped down the stairs only one or two steps and I landed on my butt and leg… weird way to land and but I think things are fine… so I spend the rest of the day laying down… No spotting or cramping!

But, today (Monday) I was standing on a stool and it fell out from under me and I landed on my feet almost like nothing had happened… just went to the bathroom though and I saw a little spotting… wouldn’t even have noticed it if I wasn’t looking for it. I told dh and gave the doc a call… had to leave message and I am waiting for them to call back while laying in bed… (thank god it’s nap time for the kids) Hoping things are fine… just recently starting feeling movement from baby… hope I feel some today and that things are good.
Aany suggestions on what to do???

My biggest thing is I just noticed a little spotting today… again

Good news!!

Saw a midwife and she ordered an ultrasound… baby is great!!!
Mmeasures 17 weeks 5 days… possible due date move up?!

The only things to worry are my placenta is roughly 2cm from my cervix (which is closed!!) and my amniotic fluid is a little low… low range is 10 and I’m 11… so I really need to be drinking!!!

Still don’t know what the gender is… for my husband I am trying to wait it out… have 20 week scan in Oct.

I am resting as much a possible with three kids and I am trying to drink fluids like crazy! gaah!!! sometimes I get indigestion just from water!


Well, I’m hungry so, I’m off to eat

from my littlest boy… he’s 14 months






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