Hello Hormones!

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Whew, week 5 has been crazy!

I remember right before finding out that I was pregnant telling one of my best friends that I couldn’t wait to be in her shoes when she was complaining of morning sickness.

Can I take it back?  Wait, I don’t want to.  I’ll accept it because I know that my body is going crazy for wonderful reasons.  But seriously, nausea blows!

At week 4 knowing that I am RH negative I called my doctor to ensure she didn’t want to just to run blood work or anything but instead she wanted me to come on in to get a good once over.  While there she gave me and my husband a list of things to expect and when I complained of bloating and telling her it was way too early to feel that way and she laughed and said “honey, get use to it.”   (I personally love that my doctor can get a little sassy with me.  The Mr. also gets a kick out of it.)  She also told me to make sure I was eating 5 small meals a day to combat some nausea.  But though I eat pretty healthy, I have a pretty bad habit of skipping a meal or two.  The Mr. tried to remind me, but I’m the pregnant one, not him therefore I’m all knowing, not him.

At week 5,  the nausea slightly began.  It was more of a discomfort than anything else and I thought “ohh, this is easy.”  Then the last few days, I swear my hormones have gone into overdrive.  And my bad habit of skipping meals doesn’t work any longer.  In fact I even wake in the middle of the night with such hunger pains that I have to eat crackers and drink a glass of water which ultimately makes me pee 20 minutes later.

How come, when people talk about the miracle of pregnancy no one tells you about the ugly side?   No one tells you that you are going to wake up hungry or nauseous a few times a night or that you when you aren’t waking up hungry or nauseous you’re waking up to pee.  I swear, in one night alone I can wake up 4-6 times.

That leads me to silly cravings and aversions.  I haven’t had anything hard core yet, but pickles have been my snack of choice this week and I wanted cheesecake with every fiber of my being two nights ago and my husband has lovingly fulfilled each of my desires with a smirk on his face and saying “let the cravings begin…”

Mood swings.  I’ve always been a crier. But now, the tears fall so easy that I laugh about it afterwords.  And don’t forget the getting pissed off to laughing in seconds thing.

Again, how come no one talks about it?  They acknowledge it as a part of life when your pregnant but no one talks about it.

The first 5 weeks have taken me for a whirlwind and though its not 100% happy-go-lucky, I’m loving it because I know in the end, a beautiful addition will be with us.

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