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The Mr. and I have been married for 4 wonderful years and are ready to start our family.  After a surprise pregnancy this past fall resulting in miscarriage we decided to that in spring we would  began trying to conceive.

I used the charting method for about 3 months so I would be a little more acquainted with my cycle and be prepared to discuss with my doctors if I had any concerns.  And that’s when we began not exactly trying but not preventing either.  One month the Mr. began making some comments about getting me pregnant.

The comments were pretty strange to me but then again, we’d never before actively tried to get pregnant so this was a new territory for us.  I should have known to expect the unexpected expected after 4 years of marriage.

The comments were funny at first then they began to turn to just pretty serious. He at one point told me he had, had two dreams that I was pregnant.  That’s when I began to realize that he was convinced that I was pregnant.  I was so surprised but in disbelief, because he would surely not know before me right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I woke up on 13DPO  (The witch always arrived between 11 and 13 DPO) and out of curiosity I took the test.  It was positive, I mean bright pink with in 15 seconds.  It was crazy.  I literally ran out of the bathroom and sat in my living room and watched the clock tick for 3 minutes and went back in there.   Yup, it was still positive.  I went into the to-be-nursery and looked out the window and said “Holy Crap!”  Then I sent up a little thank you prayer.  Then since it was Fathers Day weekend, I decided to let the daddy to be have a sleep-in-day as a fathers day gift and waited patiently for 2 more hours until he woke up.  I told him and he wasn’t in the least surprised.  Thus began our excitement of the new addition.

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