I’ve become a slave to my own Libido…

Posted on June 21st, 2011. Written by .

So here i am at 19 weeks pregnant, Do you know what i want to do? … Have sex and eat chocolate biscuits.

I think i may be a man. A girly one. I thought i may be one of the only people i know that actually wants to have sexy times with her husband at 19 weeks pregnant. I checked this out on forums and found what i could about these randy pregnant women, and its a common occurrence. Wife hassles husband for sex, husband says no, and wife feels hideous. That’s how it goes. Ive managed to talk to him about my ever expanded libido and hes trying harder to keep up with me. Hes doing well. Good on you husband. It may not help that right after i burp. That is sexy isn’t it?

Another problem i have had recently is ‘Disco Legs’ most commonly known as Restless leg syndrome. It keeps me awake at night and for long periods of time too, it would seem the only thing that can actually help you get a full nights sleep is to be exhausted from the night before, but i have found that a good dose of sexy time helps too. Which takes me to my first problem. It would seem, i cant win. I call it ‘Disco Legs’ because it wakes you up with the restless need to  move, stretch, dance up a storm at all hours of the morning.

I have a sense of smell like a beagle, i can smell all kinds of things, i am pretty much some kind of animal now. Since my smell is so acute i couldn’t stand the smell of the kitty litter this weekend. I had to clean it out and i know OH how i know its bad to do when pregnant, i tackled the task with gutso. I had a t-shirt tied around my head to stop the smell, some gloves and some open doors. I looked like an idiot. And after wards i felt like a victim, i was gagging, i had pee on me and i needed a shower. I will never try do that again. I will never be the victim of the kitty litter again.

As much as i winge about being in my current state, PREGNANT, I do actually enjoy it. I like it sometimes when my legs go to the disco and don’t invite me so i can lay awake and feel the little life inside kicking me. Maybe he wants to go to the disco too?

I can hear a hot chocolate and a packet of Tim Tams calling my name and its rude not to go when you are called.

Till next time…..


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