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BYOB: Leaking and Lamaze - Page 15

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Reply by allioak » Oct. 20, 2011 4:20pm

Hey girls,

I've been reading all of your posts the last few days but I've been so busy! So I don't remember all the details, but I hope everyone is okay and I hopefully will be more in touch! Although I have to work through Saturday still... I've been working overtime everyday because we are so busy at work. And yesterday, I got a phone call while at work that they wanted to repeat the NT scan this morning, so I was worrying about that all night. They told me when I asked if I should be concerned that I shouldn't, but a mother cannot help to worry when they tell you they need to redo the downs syndrome scan! Luckily our baby falls in the low risk category, so I'm fine now. We got a heartbeat of 152 bpm from the u/s, and met with the doctor today. Heard the heartbeat for the first time for only about 2 seconds! But it was very real to hear! I hope next time we get to hear it longer when they are looking for an actual bpm. Baby measures 7.2 cm crown to rump. Seems like it's getting so big! And we found out that we will be doing the anatomy scan around 18 weeks! My doctor seems to be very thorough and tests early for a lot of things in case he wants to repeat a test or u/s. I guess that's good. 4 weeks till next OB appt, about 5 weeks till we learn the gender! Also, gained about 3 lbs so far this pregnancy. I feel like I am on track...

Have a good day everyone :) I'm using my day off to make halloween cards for some friends who ordered them! Crafts time!


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Reply by Shannybum » Oct. 20, 2011 9:02pm

Hi Allie - so you have re-done the NT scan and all looks good? I didn't quite get the end result. I'm sure everything is great.

I took the day off today and have been really down and depressed. Kinda wish I had just gone to work. Anyhow on my way to pick the boys up from school.

My midwife appt. was cancelled yesterday as she had a delivery and I haven't heard yet when it will be reschedule for. I look forward to my appointments so I'm a bit bummed. I've been having some sharp pains in my abdomen today but they seem to have let up. I think its just the baby poking me funny.

Hope everyone's day is better than mine.

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Reply by pookerdooks » Oct. 21, 2011 1:52am

Allie- Oh I know that stress of "just in case!" My doctor has been very thorough and has redone ultrasounds and sent me for specialist testing "just in case" several times and it always stresses me out. But Praise God, each time everything has been fine! The extra stress is worth be certain though!

Shannon- I'm sorry you were so bummed today. Like I said earlier this week, stupid hormones! I've gone from highs to very low lows all week and I hate feeling that way. I hope you get your appointment in soon! And I hope it's just the hormones that have you down and no life situations. Take care of yourself hun!

AFM- I had my 28 week appointment today (my appointment schedule got messed up so I'm always a couple days early). Did my glucose test and just as predicted had a lot of trouble drinking the glucola since I've had an aversion to sweets during my pregnancy. But I managed to keep it down but I was so worried about vomitting it brought my blood pressure up. It was still normal, but high for me. They said they would only call if there is something wrong and I'm really unlikely to have gestational diabetes so I'm not too worried. And my weight is where it should be so I'm pleased. At my 20 week appointment it was a little low (and my starting weight was low-normal so it is important for me to gain weight). By my 24 week appointment it was much better and now it's really where my doctor wants it. So I'm happy. Starting the every two week appointments now!


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Reply by popstarh8er » Oct. 21, 2011 4:12pm

Aww, Aisha ... that is exciting about starting your two week appointments. I'm not even to one weeks yet like Shannon is, but with my childbirth classes, I feel like I live at the OB's and the birthing center. Glad all of your tests and your weight are going good :)

Shannon - I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I went from feeling particularly upbeat the last few days, to bottoming out at work yesterday. I just had two things happen, work related, that under normal circumstances probably wouldn't have gotten me too down, but pregnancy hormones thrown in ......... I was crying in the bathroom several times during the day. That is really not like me. If I really am that stressed, I usually am able to wait until I get in my car to let loose with the emotion. I never care for the fact that if you are still at work, others can see your leftover puffy eyes and red nose. But I couldn't help it yesterday. It's like, you have enough going on and being stressed about the pregnancy, that when you add just two or three little unrelated things on top, it becomes to much to handle.

AFM, like I said, I really had a horrible day yesterday and was able to unload to dh a little on our hour drive to our childbirth class last night. By the time we were AT the class, I was exhausted from the emotion of the day and just wanted to curl up in dh's lap and go to sleep.

Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night. I'm in relatively better spirits today, and so far it has been really quiet around here at work today .... so here's hoping it will be a calm Friday. 2 more weeks of work for me, and the end can't come soon enough. Yesterday was just proof to me that I can't handle this job anymore on TOP of all of the worries about pregnancy.

But, maybe a little retail therapy (shopping on ebay for the remaining items we need while I am slow here at work) will help the day fly by today :)

Lots of to all of you wonderful ladies and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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Reply by popstarh8er » Oct. 21, 2011 4:33pm

Guess I can go ahead and start the new thread now. We are a bunch of chatter boxes :)

******************End of thread******************

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Reply by allioak » Oct. 21, 2011 6:30pm

Kat and Shannon: I hope today is better for you, and each day following!

Shannon: All is good on the NT scan front! Low risk. Glad they just wanted to re-check. I think that the person who did the scan was someone they don't use often because their regular U/S tech was out, so maybe they wanted to make sure it was done right? Back in 4 weeks for the second blood test/monthly exam.

AFM: I seriously never complain about my husband, because I found in the beginning of our relationship, the more I complained the more upset I became, and lost track of the important things that he is good at. So I have been focusing on the good for a while, and I'm a lot happier in our marriage when I do that. Then again, maybe it's because he hasn't really driven me crazy in a while, and that's why I've been happy. So he hasn't been listening to me very much, he was never a good listener, in that he can't do more than one thing at once, and can't concentrate well if something else is going on around him. Okay okay I can live with that. However, now he is complaining that I talk to fast when I'm nervous or stressed out and I change subjects too much and it stresses him out. He told me he was so stressed out, and I asked him why, and he said he didn't know, just that when I talk all the time it get's on his nerves. Well, the reason I was talking so much was because I was stressed out and nervous about the baby! And his only reason to be stressed out is me talking?? It upset me, because I feel like I can't talk to him now when I'm stressed out. He ended up sort of apologizing later in the day, but it wasn't very sincere. I feel like I can't be myself and handle my stress outwardly by talking now and have to hold it in! And that's making me feel worse. He told me he shouldn't have told me how he felt about my talking...great, hold everything in! I can't win. End of rant. Thank you girls for listening.


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