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Reply by colormepink28 » Mar. 15, 2012 6:40pm

Hi! I'm due August 1st.
We found out at 17 weeks we're having a boy (yay!) and i have partial placenta previa (not cool since i'm planning a home birth but my midwife isn't worried, she says its likely to move and i go back at 28 weeks to check it).
This is my second son, third pregnancy. We also have a ten year old boy (i know, a crazy amount of time to wait, but the time just wasn't right before now).
We feel truly blessed with this little guy who stays active most of the day and night (mama doesn't mind though).
We named him Isaac Kade, his big brother is Duncan Keith (we kept with a K middle name since this is the 3rd generation with it:o).
As far as symptoms...after my first son i worked out...a lot...and got my tummy muscles all nice and tight thinking i wouldn't likely have another child...woah am i regretting it now. As my muscles stretch they are SO painful! Thats my worst symptom...its forced me to use a BabyBellyBand (salvation!).
Other than that its just been nose bleeds. Lots of those. Otherwise, i'm a very happy mama<3
Good luck to all you ladies out there and here's to August babies!!!

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Reply by colormepink28 » Mar. 15, 2012 6:51pm

Oh! Didn't think to say it in my previous post but i was lucky enough (maybe cause as a second baby i knew what i was looking for) to feel Isaac's first movement at 13 weeks.
I was actually at my midwifes and she was trying to hear his heartbeat but she said "he's doing summersaults, i can't get him to be still long enough to hear it" then asked if i could feel it and i was bummed to say no. Then all of a sudden, the heartbeat came in loud and strong and he kicked...i mean like a huge HIYAH style kick right where the doppler was. I was like...OH! I have it on video, i was trying to record his heartbeat and got me yelping. lol My midwife said, well i guess you felt that one! It was very exciting and honestly since that day, he hasn't been still. He wakes me up at 5am everyday doing his aerobics. lol
BTW, i have had morning sickness since week 6 and still have it, but my midwife put me on Unisom. I take one at night around 7pm and it completely stopped the morning sickness (which actually lasted all day and night and left me getting WAY too acquainted with my toilet).
I thought at 15 weeks that surely i wasn't having morning sickness anymore, so i stopped taking the Unisom...that lasted all of 1 day. I was puking by 10am. I tried again at 18 weeks...same result. Midwife wants me to try again at 20 weeks...i'm so not liking that idea.

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Reply by woozlemyfoozle » Mar. 15, 2012 7:04pm

Hey all!! Sorry I have been mia. Finally got over the morning sickness i was having due to the vitamin b6 shot. But just 2 weeks ago i was taken off the shot to see if I was done with the vomiting, which thank god i was. At 17 weeks found out i was having a girl and she was already 8oz's. So named her Brianna. I was really hoping and thinkin i was preg with a boy but god gave me a girl which im happy with too. I went and spent 530 dollars on baby stuff a couple of weeks ago. Didnt get much clothes because we got lots of friends who are giving us girl clothes. I just wish august would hurry up and get here so I can see my lil Bri-Bri lol. Well hope you ladies are doing good.

Oh and Max Congrats on the lil girl! Its funny we pretty much are due the same day and are both having girls!

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Reply by Briansgirl » Mar. 16, 2012 7:00am

Hi ladies! I'm due august 17! Had my first baby August 8 2003, Im an august mamma for sure! i just came over from ctp, i waited a while because my last 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage, and i didnt wanna jump the gun this time. but, im 18 weeks now, and Im pretty confident everything is going fine this time. Been feeling movement for about 2 weeks now, not very consistently, but its really reassuring.
Looking forward to chatting with the other august mammas and getting to know you all!

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Reply by inlove » Mar. 16, 2012 2:42pm

Hi Ladies! I haven't posted anything in a long time. I'm due Aug 5th and we found out we are a having a little girl
Woozle- Brianna was the name I wanted to use for a girl before we even conceived.. Lol Dh wouldn't go for it! His name is Bryan and I thought it would be cute. Instead I think we are going with Tiana Rose.
I've been feeling movements for a few weeks now, its so reassuring! Sometimes I poke at my belly to get her moving lol.
I also play classical music on my belly sometimes and she seems to love to dance to it
I'm planning on a drug free natural birth at the hospital. I REALLY wanted to try a home birth but didn't get to a midwife in time. They seem very limited in Ontario, Canada! I've done some research and am going to talk to my OB about delaying the cord cutting..its supposed to have great advantages for the newborn, even if its for 1-2 minutes. Anyone else heard of this?
We are going next week for a 3D/4D ultrasound..I've never gotten to experience that before. So excited!
I love this part of the pregnancy!!

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Reply by cjpalaska » Mar. 16, 2012 5:57pm

I ladies.... I am excited to see everyone finding out what they are having..... more girls I think than boys right now.... we are still going to wait to see what we are having as a surprise. I think we will buy a cute boy and girl going home from the hospital outfit... otherwise I am buying gender neutral things for now.

Well, this week I started having high blood pressure. I had it before I was pregnant but it has been good so far until this past week. I went to the dr. yesterday and now I have to do a 24 hour urine collection; then tomorrow which is Sat. I have to take it to labor and delivery at the hospital here and wait for the results. I am nervous about it. Especially having to wait for the results. I am hoping that doesn't mean that if it comes back bad that I will have to be hospitalized... I am not sure. I know they are checking for preeclampsia. I have a higher risk because I already have high blood pressure. I am just hoping it is going up because of normal pregnancy issues and that is all. Keeping my fingers crossed for now and hoping they can just increase my blood pressure medication and it will be fine!

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Reply by woozlemyfoozle » Mar. 16, 2012 10:56pm

I can sometimes feel her move but with this being my first preg i dont know if its gas bubbles or her moving lol.
@inlove- I love the name Briannna Leigh so thats her name and its not like you see this name every day. I want to get the 3d/4d ultrasound myself to see how she looks. I was told its best to wait til 24-26 weeks along, hell i was ready to get one at 10 weeks lol.

All in all im getting the sleepyness all over again to where im soo exhusted just to go from the living room to the restroom. Im not sleeping good at night anymore, i seem to get woken up every 3 hours because either I cant get comfortable or the dog makes a noise or the dh moves in the bed. Its a lil nerve wrecking though. Well i hope everyone has a good and safe st. patricks weekend :)

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Reply by Odilylover » Mar. 18, 2012 8:38pm

Hi I'm Emily, 22 years old and expecting my first baby due on August 8. It was a surprise but apparently my ex wasn't surprised I was pregnant. He wanted me to get rid of it but nope. I kept it and I don't regret it. The ex is out of the picture too.
I'm 16 weeks and I can't wait to know the sex of my baby (I'm secretly hoping for a girl though lol) I can't wait to get to know you guys :D cya!

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Reply by sageviolet » Mar. 19, 2012 1:26pm

Yes, inlove, my midwife said she doesn't agree with rushing to cut the cord because if the baby has trouble breathing at first, that's cutting off it's oxygen supply from mama. If you can wait until it stops pulsing and carrying the blood, that's supposed to be better.

Well, I now have the crib frame set up! And I have to admit I didn't use the replacement legs. I realized they were exactly the same as the old ones and it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't turn them the right direction so I'd been trying to use the wrong screw hole. I feel so stupid. It's not all my fault though, customer service could've asked more questions about my problem. Anyway, I must say DaVinci is great. And I've got pregnancy brain, lol!

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Reply by rkp0923 » Mar. 20, 2012 3:15pm

hey ladies!

briansgirl- we have the same due date!!!

all is well with us! definitley feeling the little one toss and turn and flip and kick :) dh even felt it once last week... though he hasnt been able to feel it again... he really wants to, its so cute! i am getting a lot of the sleepiness back... just ordered a body pillow to help relieve some of the pressure that is keeping me up at night- its all in my hips. other than that things are great!

cannot wait to find out the gender!!! less than 2 weeks get to see her/him. leaning girl but my two sisters that recently had boys say we are having a boy... i think theyre just bitter lol.

pregnancy week by week

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Reply by cjpalaska » Mar. 20, 2012 3:25pm

I am really having a hard time sleeping, getting to, staying asleep and waking up to pee all night.... I have been tired during the days. I found out I have anemia so I am starting iron supplements and maybe that will help with the tiredness too! Baby is now 2lbs 6 oz and is doing well. Very active and kicking and tossing alot now....... We are waiting to find out what ours is......

My blood pressure was going up so now I have a higher dose of medication and it is helping.... all other tests have come back good so far; thankfully! I have to have my glucose test next week and I will be getting a rhogham shot for my blood type. I also found out I have a partial or marginal placenta previa...... so they will have to monitor that and I am hoping that it moves by 32 weeks..... if not then I will have to have a C-section which I really don't want! Otherwise we are startinng to stock up on little items of baby things each weekend while we are out doing errands..... like the baby mirror, shade for the car, play mat, bath mat, ect. It helps space out the expense of it all!
Glad everyone is doing well! It has been really warm here in Indiana lately and I had to buy my first pregnancy shorts because I didn't have anything to wear!

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Reply by MaxCt296 » Mar. 21, 2012 10:40pm

OMG girls!! My cousin has two girls- 9 and 7. Both their names are Brianna Lee and Tiana Rose!
We've settled on Elleshia (Elle) but aren't tell anyone here. At home and when we're alone we call her Elleshia, but around everyone sels it's peanut or bubba.

So hubby has been at work for less than a week and I want him home already! I got my camera skills happening yesterday and filmed the first visual movement. It looks really funny to see a spot pushout! Don't think we can add video can we?
Turns out that when I was filming,the tv commercial in the background had a song playing-'show mum you really love her'. It's only a 7sec video, but shows the movement beautifully. I emailed to hubby, hoping her gets it sometime today when the ship gets into range.

Now, a silly question. I know we have team pink and team blue, but if you're haveing a pink and blue, does that make you team lavander?

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Reply by woozlemyfoozle » Mar. 23, 2012 10:06pm

I have a question for some that have already had kids. What does the mucus plug look like and feel like? For the past 2 days I have had pressure at the top of my belly almost feeling like Im starving but yet when i eat it does not go away. Today i have lost this thick mucus that is not wet or slimmie just thick like a gel. Im kinda worried. My dog has not left my side and he normally does not sleep in my bed but since i have this pressure he sleeps right next to me all thru the night and wont move. I cant sleep, i wake up every hour- two hours until i just give up on tryin to sleep cuz all i do is toss and turn and cant get comfortable. Im waiting on my nurse to call me back. I just figure i would ask someone on here.

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Reply by Briansgirl » Mar. 24, 2012 12:24am

woozle: when i lost my mucus plug there was A LOT of thick goopy mucus, also blood. It was almost 9 years ago, so its not the freshest memory, but i remember knowing for sure that it was the mucus plug. I have read that you get a lot more cm during the 2nd trimester. I would definately ask a nurse or dr, but try not to worry, it doesnt sound like your mucus plug came out.

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Reply by Briansgirl » Mar. 25, 2012 7:23am

Found out today I am having a BOY!!!

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Reply by CrwHnw0909 » Mar. 26, 2012 1:27am

@Max- Haha, I guess I'm team lavender!
@Woozle- The plug is supposed to regenerate in the event that you are losing some of it if it makes you feel any better.
@Brian- Congrats on your lil boy!

ASM- I go for my anatomy scan on Wed (have to see a high risk specialist for this one) and my OB on Friday. Can't wait to see my lil boogies. This fibroid has been kicking my butt and becoming quite painful when it gets stuck in my belly button. My doc says if it gets bad enough we might have to opt for surgery. I'm trying tol hold out as its also becoming harder and harder to reduce it (push off to the side) It's like telling a person to bite themselves so hard, it breaks the skin lol. We shall see. I bought a maternity band and it works when I'm out and about but when I'm laying on the couch or sleeping, it hurts.

It's so nice to start seeing gender as the topic of the day. We finished our bedroom and moved into it and are giving the babies our bedroom. That room is now a mess and in two/three weeks, were going to rip up the carpet, refinish the floors and paint. I'm flying my brother out to help dp out with all of the projects. We got the cribs already and the matterress but I think I"m going to exchange them for thicker, firmer ones. Can't wait to start seeing nursery pictues!

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Reply by sarashnitzel1 » Mar. 26, 2012 10:44pm

Unfortunately went to my 18 week check and there was no heartbeat. We lost the baby around 15 weeks. I guess the 6 weeks of bleeding meant something. Going in for d and c on wednesday. Good luck to everyone and the rest of yor prenancies

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Reply by wassernixe » Mar. 27, 2012 11:32am

I'm so sorry for your loss sarah! I know you must be devastated. I can't imagine how I would react to such news. :(

Congrats Briansgirl! Welcome to team blue! Haha. :)

AFM: I'm still waiting on confirmation that it's a boy, but we're pretty certain. I have my anatomy scan on Thursday, so I'm nervously counting down the days until that. I just hope everything is well my LO. And I hope he doesn't decide to be uncooperative and curl up into a little ball like at my last appointment.

I'm starting to feel him kicking around a lot more in there, it's awesome. And I think today he's decided to start kicking my spine. Weirdest feeling ever!! Although, he really only starts up if I have sugar. Haha. The rest of the time he's super calm or kicking where I can't feel it. But the minute I eat a chocolate chip cookie, he goes crazy. :) Guess he has a sweet tooth.

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Reply by inlove » Mar. 27, 2012 2:55pm

@Sarah- I'm truly sorry to hear of your loss! I know there are no words that can make this better for you.. However know that we are thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

@Max- that is too funny! Dh and I are having a bit of a disagreement on the pronounciation.. I like Tee-AN-a and he likes Tee-AW-na! If we can't agree we'll have to find something else :(

@woozle- I went for my 3D scan on Sun @ 21 weeks and needless to say I was quite disappointed. Since baby is still so small the placenta covers most of baby, making it difficult to make out anything. Sonographer said best time to see facial features is 28-29 weeks! Now I have to convince dh to go again lol.. All because I was too impatient.

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Reply by cjpalaska » Mar. 27, 2012 3:18pm

I am having my 3d scan done at 31 weeks..... my dr. office said the best time was between 28 and 32 weeks.... before 28 there is too much fluid and other things blocking the image and after 32 there isn't enough fluid and room to view the baby. Around 30 is the best time if you can schedule it around then......

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