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September 2017 - Page 2

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Feb. 14, 2017 3:53am

@Meghan83 Glad to hear that your sickness didn't last very long! It definitely helped curb the nausea, but not too long after i started taking B6 my sickness went away completely. I went off the B6 and it never came back and i'm 11.3wks and still going strong so i was blessed with a short sickness window lol

@squishybean be happy you never had sickness...it's not fun. Glad that your first prenatal went well. I had a lot done my first appt too, my first u/s is from my first appt we got to see the heart beat and were so happy to see it going so fast!

Afm: This new feeling of heaviness has developed, i think i've gained more weight then my midwife thought lol It's not a bump yet it just looks like i ate too much! But won't too long before i'm sporting a small bump :D I'm so glad y'all saw my u/s i have a new one that i'm posting that shows how much our LO has really grown!

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Reply by Meghan83 » Feb. 14, 2017 2:57pm

Thanks SquishyBean and MommaStrange. I love to hear everyone's updates! You ladies are right, it is true that every pregnancy is different and fluctuations in symptoms are perfectly normal. I guess I hadn't heard of MS subsiding before 12 weeks and was mentally prepared for it to get worse before it got better. Actually I do still feel it sometimes, but now it's more just when triggered by a strong smell or a certain food, instead of all the time.
It would be fun to do an elective ultrasound, but unfortunately where I live I can't find any places even within a few hours of me. There are so many other reassuring symptoms though, that I will be able to get through the wait!

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Reply by SarahS28 » Feb. 25, 2017 11:52am

Hi ladies,

Congrats to all who are expecting September babies! My EDD is Sept 13 and we are so excited about our first little one! We have our 4th US on March 6 (the 12 week genetic testing US). My 1st US was around 6 weeks to gauge how far along I was. I have PCOS so had no clue when I ovulated!! It seems I o'ed Dec 21 (yay for Xmas fun ). I found out I was pregnant Jan 9. My dr had me to another US near the end of week 6 and mid-week 8. Both times we got to hear the heartbeat and it was SO emotional!
Overall, I hadn't had many symptoms-just the debilitating fatigue until around week 10 (no joke when you teach 1st grade haha!), a few cravings and sore boobs. I started wearing maternity pants around week 9-those things are magic-I should have been wearing them all along!
Excited for this journey and anxiously awaiting that next US when we can see our little love again.

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Mar. 2, 2017 1:16am

Hello SarahS28! Welcome to the September DD board, glad to hear that things are going well for you and your LO can't wait here more updates soon!

Afm: Forgot to mention that at my last appt the u/s tech measured me at 11.3wks at the time I was only 11wks so that put my DD at 8/30. Talked to the midwife and according to my lmp that would put my DD at 9/2 so were still going with the DD of 9/1 with that being the middle number there lol

I also found out this week that I will be having 3 baby showers. Not 1. But 3 BABY SHOWERS. My mom and sister wanted to plan the 1st one, I was fine with that. I knew I would have another seeing that dh's mom lives so far from us, I knew she would want throw me one too. But that dh's dad and step-mom want to throw me one also! What's a mom-to-be to do!

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Reply by Squishybean » Mar. 2, 2017 8:00pm

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the board. I hope you're well. Keep us informed of how you are getting on. I definitely know what you mean about the maternity pants - I love them! Plenty of room for baby and food baby haha. Good luck for the 6th March!

Mommastrange - so glad you're baby is growing strong and healthy :) Enjoy your baby showers! I am going to a friends on Saturday. I can't wait for my own - they are so much fun!

I don't have much to report - Still no nausea or sickness and seem to have gone past the tiredness now too. If it was for the occasional tingle in my boobs and lack of periods I wouldn't know I was pregnant! Oh and when I cough and sneeze my belly cramps up a bit but so far so good. Hoping that everything is ok - scan not till 17th March.

Take care everyone and keep checking in. xxx

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Reply by Meghan83 » Mar. 3, 2017 9:05pm

Congratulations and welcome, Sarah!

I'm curious, now that some of us are out of, or fast approaching the end of the first trimester, who all has made their social media announcements?! I would love to hear your cute ideas of how you did it (or are planning to)!

I'm thinking of possibly waiting until we find out gender before sharing on social media. Considering we won't even be sharing the pregnancy news with close family/friends (aside from my mom and sister) until basically 13 weeks (when I'll finally hear that little heartbeat for the first time!), this would give us time to circulate the news to anyone we want to make sure hears it directly from us first.

Another question, who all is showing a bump, and when did it appear?! I'm so excited for mine to pop here in the next 2-3 weeks! Seriously can't believe how the first trimester is flying by. 10 weeks tomorrow for us.

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Mar. 16, 2017 2:59am

Hello Ladies, not much to report on here me and dh had an appt last Monday and we got to hear the babies heartbeat :) So that was exciting, but today has me nervous i noticed some light blood on my tp after using the bathroom. I'm hoping it's just spotting seeing as i haven't had any cramps or pain and it's really light in color. So anything new with you all?

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Reply by Meghan83 » Mar. 18, 2017 1:31pm

@mommastrange92, has the spotting continued? I'm hopeful it turned out to be routine. You must be close to 16 weeks or so?

AFM, I am 12 weeks today (!) which seems like a huge milestone, but this upcoming Friday will be the real milestone as we will get to hear that beautiful heartbeat for the first time! That's when we will start really spreading the news. I feel really good and can definitely say my appetite and tastes are basically back to normal now. I can see a little bump pushing out too, which I'm obsessed with :)

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Mar. 18, 2017 3:58pm

@Meghan I'm happy say everything's alright, the spotting never got darker or heavier and there was no pain or cramps. I called the ob and let them know what had happened and the spotting had completely stopped. They told me to come if it started up again or i started cramping.

Afm: We've started stock-piling diapers and baby wipes lol And grabbed a few more essentials. But we can't do much until the anatomy scan in which i'll be 19 weeks so three weeks to go! Is it crazy that I literally have a mental countdown going on XD

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Mar. 26, 2017 8:31pm

So no flutters or rolling feelings yet, but I have a feeling the first I feel the baby it'll be a sucker punch to the kidney XD

Almost 18 weeks not too much longer and me and dh will find out if our Lo is a boy or a girl. What are your guesses?

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Reply by piglett1983 » Mar. 28, 2017 1:50pm

My edd is sep 27 I am so glad I do not get to many upset stomach anymore but I dealing with my blood pressure being high only 5-6 weeks until we know what we are having so can't come fast enough

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Reply by Meghan83 » Apr. 2, 2017 11:56pm

Mommastrange92, when is your appointment? I don't know but I'm gonna just guess girl, because that is what I am guessing for myself too! Have you had any gut feelings about the gender? Does anyone else feel like they "know" what they are having?

AFM I'm 14w1d today. We heard our LO's heart beating at 12w6d, what a beautiful sound! It was 143bpm. Next appointment is April 21. My midwife doesn't do ultrasounds but DH really wants to find out gender so we will probably schedule a "dating" ultrasound with an OB soon after our next appointment. I am totally starting to show now, which is sooo fun. My friend gave me a ton of maternity clothes to borrow so I'm pretty set on that now. Cruising into the second trimester!

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Apr. 4, 2017 12:04am

Meghan83: We've had a "feeling" for a while that's saying girl, and we've had many others say it's a boy so we can't wait to find out and see! I've finally started to noticeably show though i don't think i'll be very big until probably the last trimester. My maternity clothes have finally started to fit but i still have room to grow. I have a friend who's due in August and she didn't start to feel her little girl kick until 20 weeks so i think i've got couple more weeks before Lo decides to make their self known lol

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Reply by Squishybean » Apr. 9, 2017 8:39pm

Hi September Due Date Friends,

I hope everyone is well.

Just reading back through some of the posts and notice Meghan asked about social media announcements - we just did ours with a picture of the 12 week scan and said that our little one was very active that morning - most people knew by then as my social media circle is small but it was still a shock to some and nice to get some lovely best wishes. It does change your outlook on life the whole process, especially for those of us expecting our first! I have so much more respect for mums now and am happy to leave my partying days behind - well I hope to attend the odd one still now and again :) How did everyone else make their announcements?

I have felt some little kicks I think! Sort of flutters but more like mini stamping in lower left side. I have felt them for the past few days every so often - particularly when I am lying down on my left side. I don't know if I am imagining things as I'm only 15 and a half weeks but it feels like something different!

We are having our gender scan on Tuesday. I can't wait but I also can in a weird way. I wish I could wait until birth for the surprise but I just can't!

Hope you're all doing great and enjoying pregnancy. :-D xxxx

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Apr. 10, 2017 11:40pm

Hi Everyone! 19.3wks today and definitely showing! So i'm practically half-way there and we had the gender scan last Friday and we had them put it in an envelope for my sister since she's doing the gender reveal party. So we get to find out for sure on Saturday, i think it's a boy bc she was a bit too happy and she's always wanted us to have a boy lol Also found out i have an Anterior Placenta which i know means the baby's movement could be muffled. It made me a little sad that i would have to wait a lil longer to feel my lo's kicks and flips. Then that same afternoon i felt something like a gas bubble then what i knew for sure was a little foot in my right side XD

I'd love to know if anyone else has been feeling movement here and there and can't wait for more updates!

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Apr. 17, 2017 1:09am

So today was our gender reveal party...and WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!! It was such a fun party and having it on Easter made feel so special lol We're so excited to meet our baby girl in a few months, well that's all for today i hope everyone had a great Easter!

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Reply by Meghan83 » Apr. 17, 2017 7:16pm

@mommastrange92...congrats on your little GIRL!!!
So your intuition was right! (Along with the Chinese gender Predictor) I'm excited for you :)

@SquishyBean, did you find out your baby's gender yet, or is that tomorrow for you?

AFM, I think we have ultimately decided to wait and be surprised at the birth! It's funny because I've always wanted to be surprised but DH really wanted to know. But a few days ago, he suddenly said he would be okay with waiting. So we are going to wait, but now i have mixed feelings because I had got into the mindset of finding out! Lol. It just means I can't go overboard with clothes, which is probably a good thing. I'll get a couple neutral staples to get me through, and place an online order as soon as baby comes. My friend gave me a good tip: fill a shopping cart with boys' and girls' clothes, and then place the order when the baby arrives so it's ready to go.

Actually I did order two onesies from the new Victoria Beckham for Target line..couldn't help it. I can always sell them on eBay if we have a boy

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Reply by AllysonW2016 » Apr. 18, 2017 4:46pm

Congrats all!
Meghan, I found out I was pregnant right around the same time as you, so I have been following your journey! I am due 9/28!
Do you have a baby bump yet?
I have a barely there bump, kinda at that awkward stage currently LOL

Do you have any instincts if you are having a boy or a girl?
I feel like I am having a girl, but somedays I swear I feel boy so I have no clue!

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Reply by Meghan83 » Apr. 18, 2017 7:54pm

Hi Allyson, welcome! That's awesome we are so close in our due dates! I definitely have a bump now. I'm wearing a lot of maternity clothes, which make it more obvious. I love it! I'm still squeezing into whatever non-maternity clothes I can while it lasts though. In answer to your other question, I feel like this baby is a girl too. But who knows.. my mom said she knew me and my sister were girls.. a couple others I have talked to have said they felt they knew, but others say they had no clue.

Who is feeling movement yet, and when did it start? I haven't felt anything definitive yet although sometimes I think maybe I feel something, starting around 13 weeks. Now I'm 16 1/2. Sometimes it's almost like a stabbing pain (not really painful), which isn't how I've ever read it being described so I don't know.

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Reply by mommastrange92 » Apr. 19, 2017 3:53pm

Allison: so glad that we can share your journey together! So are you planning to find out the gender or are you waiting until the baby's born?

Meghan: I didn't start feeling my lil girl until 19 weeks and then at first it felt kinda like a gas bubble lol But our midwife did say I have an anterior placenta so that maybe why it took so long to feel her.

Afm: So we have decided on the name Fae(fay) Wynter for her, and I really love this name dh is the one who chose it he found it in a poem. She has decided that she will be a daddy's girl already, it's like she can tell when it's him talking to her and when leaves or stops talking is when she really starts moving XD

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