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Reply by pbc910 » May. 10, 2016 2:54pm

I love sleepers too! Since it's been a little warm in their room, they've been sleeping in onesies and pants. Oliver has the pants that have the attached feet (got them from that Carter's sale) and I really like them because I hate baby socks! My mom bought them 2 piece PJs and those work too. I'll definitely want sleepers for the colder months!

Hopefully this daycare thing is just a phase. But the staff I'm sure are used to it! I was so worried about Fiona because when she started because she was so fussy but she is sooooo much better. I'm sure he will come around and start enjoying it there.

Out of everything we've tried, the kiddos don't like bananas. They tolerated all the gross veggies but bananas were too much, lol! I told daycare that they could start giving Fiona baby food (they provide it for free). I said they can try Oliver but that he probably won't take it. I know solids have helped her sleep all night so maybe it will help Oliver too...we will see.

I'm sorry to hear your weekend wasn't the best. I would be mad too at my dog. Even the best dogs have there moments so try not to let it bring you too down. I'll be honest, I love my dog but I don't trust her completely around the babies. I wish I could but I know as soon as they start pulling on her, she is going to freak out. Fiona is now wanting to touch her and my dog isn't a big fan. Luckily, the dog doesn't seem interested in the babies so she keeps her distance. I used to have things like this happen all the time when my other dogs were alive. I had one dog bite the other that required a trip to the vet and a huge pus filled abscess (GROSS). Two of them routinely got into fights over food and I was so scared about the babies. I miss my 2 dogs but I think it was there time and 3 dogs and 2 babies would be too much! Shit, I already have 5 cats! I wonder if she was trying to protect Colton? My grumpy dog who hated everyone would always snip at the cats when they tried to come around the babies. I bet she was just being a good sister and wanting to keep her baby bro safe!!!

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Reply by MalPal85 » May. 13, 2016 5:59pm

I hate baby socks too. I have this one outfit that I constantly put Colton in because the pants have feet, lol. Guess I'll be buying 2 piece PJ sets shortly. He's going to look so much grown up in them :( lol.

Colton has had his best week yet at daycare and on Tuesday I was told he was the best baby that day :). Hopefully it stays this way. I'm sure he'll have his days but hopefully they will be few and far between going forward.

I find it weird that your kids don't like the bananas, lol. We've been slacking on the solids lately. Haven't done the cereal in a couple of weeks and only have done peas twice. We'll get there, lol.

The vet that stitched up my in-laws dogs says it is "normal" and the older my dog gets (she is younger than my in-laws) the more it will happen (I figured it would be the other way around).

Can't believe how fast these last couple of weeks have been! It will be Memorial Day Weekend before we know it! Colton is having his second sleepover that Friday, the 27th, but this time at Tom's parents rather than my parents. It will be nice to have a night with the hubs (and my brother and soon-to-be SIL). We're going to go out to a brewery and go to dinner. Then probably go home and watch a movie. All the things it's much harder to do these days, lol.

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Reply by miniray » May. 13, 2016 10:00pm

Hello Ladies! Feels like forever since I posted but it was only a week! So back to work is going well, I'm loving being back there - I now made Dawn dish soap for a living :-) It's an easy job for me, and it pays well enough, which just means that we can afford to do a bit more now. The only thing that I found difficult is leaving Christopher at the nursery, I've been fighting the tears every day this week. I know it will get easier and it's so nice to be greeted by his lovely smile at the end of the day :-) One big sacrifice made though - I couldn't cope with having a job and pumping, so I've decided to reclaim my boobs and stop. I worked out I was awake 18 hours a day and having interrupted sleep, so something had to give. I'm a bit sore at the moment, but hopefully it'll stop soon. And then I can have a drink, yey!!

Also annoyed by baby socks, they're either too loose or too tight, but it's been pretty warm here this week (80F) so I've not bothered putting them on him. He's in a sleeper at night with no blanket and settling well. I'd been putting Christopher in those trousers with the feet attached, but he just discovered his feet so it's kinda fun to watch him hanging on to his pant-legs trying to grab his toes ;-) Oh and he just learned to blow raspberries, super cute!

malpal - I'd say the thing with your dog is normal, too, as she's getting older. Our little dog turned into a proper grouch in her last couple of years, mainly because she'd gone deaf and didn't hear you coming up behind her.

There are a couple of shops here that do baby clothes in 2-month gaps, so 0-2, 2-4, etc. easier to fit, but costs more in the long run. I kind of like putting him in the next size up, makes him look little again :-) I also found onesies that fasten like a kimono up to 12 month size, they're awesome! So much easier than trying to squeeze things over his head, which he hates. We get sleepers here - that they call 'French style' - that fasten at the back that are a total pain in the ass. You can't do sleep-changes in them at all, because you have to pull their legs out at the back, not practical at all.

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Reply by pbc910 » May. 16, 2016 2:41pm

MalPal - the older my dog got, the grumpier she got. By the time she died, she would hardly let me pet her. She also got really snippy with our other animals BUT my dog was also like this when she was younger, just not as bad. My other dog though wasn't that bad when he was older. You could tell he had a shorter temper because our youngest dog would mess with him and he would snip at her. But overall he was pretty chill.

Fiona and Oliver have been getting 2 meals of solids a day. Their infant teacher taught me a trick...for the really runny foods, she adds rice cereal to thicken it up and make it easier for the kiddos to eat and it worked amazingly. It's less messy, makes it more appetizing, and fills their tummies up. My mom said she would add the rice cereal to fruits and that was a breakfast. I add it to anything that is runny, so sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, etc. Oliver is now a big fan of baby food thanks to this trick! He is still waking up 1-2 times a night but it's habit so I'm going to have to let him cry a bit.

That's so nice to be able to have the night to yourselves! My mom will watch the twins for date nights and I think once both will sleep through the night, she would watch them overnight if my niece stays with her. It's so nice to now finally have babies that sleep and are predicable! Hubby and I were able to watch a movie this weekend and it was like the good old days. Enjoy your night out!

miniray - it hate being away for so long from my babies but I now look forward to picking them up and it's the highlight of my day. It does it get easier and easier. For me, I always had this thought like I"m the only one that can adequately take care of my children but after a week in daycare, they learned so much, it was crazy. Plus, I know they are well taken care of...call it mother's intuition. I just remember looking for daycares and had so many bad feelings but this place is just right! Plus, at his age, he is adjusting much better than if he were older. Hopefully he will be like Fiona and Oliver because when I leave, they could care less. I try to give them a kiss goodbye and they are so wrapped up in their toys they don't even look at me!

It's probably because I had low supply anyway but I dried up super fast. I never had much soreness either. Even though I really wanted to make breastfeeding work, when I look back now, I'm surprised I tried as much as I did. It's tough! I'm glad it didn't work out because using formula has been so much easier. You never realize how much you need sleep until you aren't getting any!

It's so fun to watch babies learn new things, especially when they realize they have hands and feet. I remember the days when I worried that they didn't seem into toys and NOW, can't get them to pry their hands off a toy. This is the part I am really loving about having kids. Just watching them learn about the world is such a thrill!

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Reply by MalPal85 » May. 18, 2016 4:45pm

I hope Lola doesn't keep getting grumpier, lol.

I've kind of put a stop on solids for a bit. He eats them but I'm still not sure he's 100% ready so I'm only doing it a few times a week for now. Maybe it's just because I'm starting with the green veggies (per the pediatricians recommendation) which are the worst! So far, it hasn't made him sleep longer, lol.

I am pretty excited to have a night to ourselves. A little nervous because it's not MY mom but I know my MIL is good as she already has 2 grandkids.

miniray - I'm glad I switched to formula as I was freaking miserable. I was never sore at all and I think it's because I wasn't producing much anyways.

So Colton was diagnosed with croup on Monday so he's been home alternating between grandparents because he got kicked out of daycare yesterday. I told the lady he had it but there was some miscommunication and he was sent home. He should be able to go back at the end of this week though.

Nothing else is new here except I will say (for you ladies that had C-sections) it's a weird feeling to have period cramps and then touch your stomach down there and it's still numb from the C-section, lol.

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Reply by pbc910 » May. 18, 2016 5:20pm

I'd rather deal with a grumpy dog than a grumpy kid...especially a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the worst...the whole "woe is me" attitude. But that's another story...

We had the twins' 6 month appt today and all is well. Here are their stats:

Fiona is 14lbs 3 oz, 26 inches and all her percentages are low of course except length, which is 61%.

Oliver is 16lbs, 9 oz, 26 inches and all his percentages are in the 30s.

Percentages, in my opinion, are worthless for most children. All that matters is that they grow on their own curve. I think it scares parents when you tell them their kid's head circumference is only in the 6th percentile when it's more than normal for their child.

They are reaching their milestones and all that jazz. I love my pediatrician's office because they don't preach or make you feel bad. They have the attitude that they are there to provide medical information and guidance and they know parents aren't clueless (all the time, haha). They didn't go into starting solids but rather asked if we had tried and they were game with what we are doing. I am going to bump up their solids to 3 times on the weekends but of course formula will continue to be their primary source of food!

I wonder if Colton would be receptive to other things than green veggies? I know they say start with that but he may not be a big fan. I say experiment with all the first foods - squash, sweet potatoes, fruits - when he is more ready (I knew Oliver was finally ready when he was excited and opening his mouth, before then he wouldn't even open his lips at all!). But if he just isn't interested, the good news is that he will be eventually! It took me adding the rice cereal to everything for it to really work. Runny mashed peas isn't very good. The rice cereal makes is a little more appealing!!!

I would be nervous too if someone other than my mom was babysitting even though I know others are more than capable. Luckily she's family! If you all are like us, you'll get excited about your night out and then end up falling asleep at like 9pm! We always tend to do that. Or we go out and can't find anything else to do other than eat. We are boring people in our "old" age!

Hope Colton gets better! They thought Fiona might have an ear infection because she was rubbing her ears but all is well. They have the snot again and coughing. I guess it's just daycare...gonna have to build an immunity to all the germs and yuckiness. It's going to be interesting when one of mine has to be sent home. I pray they don't get sick a lot in the future. My husband is getting ready to begin a job 60 miles away. That means I will ultimately be responsible for 5 kids if they need to go to appointments or are sick. Super yay.

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Reply by MalPal85 » May. 20, 2016 2:52pm

I guess I would rather deal with a grumpy dog rather than grumpy teenagers, lol. I know I was a grumpy teenager.

So glad their appointments went well. The percentages mean nothing to me either. As long as Colton is gaining weight and is healthy I don't give a crap.

We tried green beans last night and he seemed to enjoy them MUCH MORE than the peas so I think I just won't put peas in the mix. Once I finish the green beans it's on the sweet potatoes and squash.

Colton has been out of daycare all week for his croup. I did get a note from the Doctors yesterday saying he could go back to daycare but my Mom and MIL really want the quality time so whatever. I get 10 "vacation days" a year that I can use at the daycare and not pay for the days so that is nice. I'm glad this babies are building their immune systems now. Hopefully this means missing less school in the future. Good luck to your husband and the job and good luck to you!

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Reply by pbc910 » May. 20, 2016 5:54pm

I am jealous of your daycare! We only get a week off AFTER one year enrolled. I know that's standard so I won't complain too much. It just sucks around Christmas time. I don't plan on working but don't want to take them to daycare just because I'm paying!

My mom kept telling me start with yellow veggies first but I have no idea why. The gave Oliver pumpkin at daycare and then I was told pumpkin can be a natural laxative....oh, crap! Literally!

Husband just formally accepted offer on job and starts June 6th. he'll have to work in another city up to 6 months but when he transitions to the office here, he gets to take the babies to daycare since it's right near the office! I will love having my 10 minute commute back!

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Reply by miniray » May. 22, 2016 3:05pm

malpal - that sucks about the croup, hope Colton's feeling better now. So far it's only me that's been sick, first a cold and then gastric flu. Thanks, Christopher..... We don't get a break from paying for daycare, but when they close for 2 week's vacation we'll only pay 50% of the fees. Not brilliant, but it's something. Same here for the weird numb thing - sometimes I get an itch and it's only when I scratch and can't feel it that I remember! d'oh!

pbc - I've had a few people say that pulling at their ears is one sign that a baby is teething, apparently it releases a natural painkiller? We just have a chews-all drool machine, no ear pulling yet :-)

sounds like we've all got the same opinion of "the curve". I swear, if they tell me off again about Christopher's weight, I'm gonna slap someone. I told our pediatrician what the health visitor had said and she just rolled her eyes and told us to ignore them. As long as a baby is happy, healthy and not losing weight, she says there's no problem. BF is a twin, both him and his brother were less than 6lb at birth and slow growing kids, now they're 6ft tall!

Well, I say Chris hasn't been ill, but we were up til almost 2am last night with a snotty and frustrated baby. He wouldn't settle because he couldn't breathe, I tried a few times with the sucker, which he hates, who knew so much crap could come out of such a little nose! I think it's because I'd tried to clear it earlier in the day with saline, it took a while to act. He's still a little snuffly today, but now he knows what the sucker is for he goes ape before I've even touched him.

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Reply by pbc910 » Jun. 1, 2016 6:43pm

miniray - how are you all doing? I saw that you all were sick. I am over the snot! It seems either my little ones are snotty as heck or they have dried boogies. It's just a never ending battle. I guess it's a baby and kid thing! Fiona and Oliver hate the snot sucker but it works so well. I'm coming down with some sinus thing AGAIN. I've been on and off sick since the kids started daycare. So much fun!

Why are they getting on you about his weight...too low or high? I often wish Fiona would chunk up because she's only 14 lbs but that's just not her frame. SHe'll never be big. Her Korean grandma is small and her sister is too. Oliver though...yeah...gonna be a big boy. My family is tall and most of us are bigger so he's going to inherit that. Plus. Fiona looks small when she's next to her brother. Funny thing is that she eats more than him!

MalPal - how's Colton doing? How was your night out? Is he doing better at daycare?

You all probably saw we all had pinkeye. Finally getting over it and I woke up for the first time since Friday without goopy eyes. I'm back to wearing my contacts! My husband decided to stay with his company after they offered him more pay and a bonus so he'll stay in town.

I will have my first big test as a mom...I will be alone with the twins from June 11 to 16th. My husband is at a work conference, my mom is on vacation, 2 of my stepkids are visiting their mom, and the other one will be working. I've never even been alone with them overnight! I'm trying to find places to go on Sat and Sun. The nice thing is that they are good nappers and sleepers now so I know that once they are asleep for the night, I'll have a couple hours of alone time. It will be a little challenging but I'm sure I'll be fine.

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Reply by MalPal85 » Jun. 3, 2016 4:53pm

miniray - Colton's croup is better. He still has a cough. I think if he's in daycare he's going to have something all the time, lol. Colton use to always hate the booger sucker. Now he only sometimes hates it, haha. I too think it's amazing how much snot can come out. This might sound disgusting but his nostrils are almost big enough for me to get my pinky finger up in there and dig out the crusties. I can't wait until I can do that lol. I'm glad Christopher hasn't been sick yet!

Pbc - Colton is doing well. Croup is much better. Our night out was fantastic. Went to a brewery and tried some delicious beers then went to dinner and then we stopped at a bar on our way home which was probably not a good idea because me and my almost sister-in-law got pretty tipsy, lol. Colton did very well at my in-laws too. He is doing better at daycare. I love that it is nice outside because they take the kids out, even the babies, a lot.
Good luck with the babies in June. You're super mom so I'm sure you'll do just fine. If you have a zoo around you I think that's a fun thing to do.

Nothing much to report. Had a good Memorial Day weekend but you could probably tell that from Facebook because I'm addicted to it, lol.

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Reply by pbc910 » Jun. 6, 2016 2:32pm

MalPal - so glad you had a great night! We tried to go out the same weekend and damn pinkeye. We went out this past weekend and the movie was sold out (it's been out for a month too). I was so pissed and upset. I've been a bit short tempered and pissed off recently...not sure why. Hopefully, when my mom gets back from vacation, we can try to go out again.

That's so nice they take all the kids outside. They only take the older kids out at our daycare. I wouldn't want to bother with the babies so I totally understand why they don't do it.

I've always wanted to go to the zoo (literally it's like 2-3 miles from our house) but I don't know how enjoyable it would be for 2 six month olds. My mom plans on getting us a membership for Christmas and that will be perfect because the babies will be a year old. I think I'm going to get a small baby pool and have fun in our backyard!

Oh and I always keep my pinky fingernail longer to get any boogies out. Works well!

Nothing too new to report on our end. Loving my little munchkins and learning to make my own baby food. I really enjoyed preparing it all even though it took a long time since it was my first time. Also, I felt like there was much more taste to it than the store bought food. At least the butternut squash tasted better. Tonight, I'm cooking up blueberries, spinach, pineapple, apple, and carrots. It's great because you can make any combo and any thickness you want. My kiddos are already past the puree so I can thicken the food up more in the processor. We shall see how my next batch turns out!

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Reply by miniray » Jun. 8, 2016 12:25am

malpal - so I spoke too soon, Christopher has a cough now. Annoyingly it only shows up at night, he wakes himself up then gets upset, which makes him snotty..... the pediatrician has given us nose and eye drops and they seem to be working, but man does he hate that nose sucker!!

pbc - I've joined team pinkeye, yey!! I woke up with my left eye all glued shut on Sunday, and now it's both eyes. I have tonsillitis too, which really sucks. My Doctor wouldn't give me anything because it's a virus, just told me to do what I needed to ease the symptoms. Working in a brightly lit lab is not easy when you're photosensitive, and I'm hating going to work in my glasses.

Fingers crossed we'll all be better soon, we have weekend plans! grrrr.....

It's gone super warm really quick here this week (well, super warm for us) and we've had heavy rain and thunder storms in the evening for the past 3 days. It's been really humid for a while now, so bad that I went and had my hair cut so I don't have to cope with the frizz ;)

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Reply by pbc910 » Jun. 10, 2016 2:31pm

miniray - it seems like the sickness is just trying to get us all! It's gotten warmer and more humid here and every time the weather changes, someone gets sick. We are dealing with coughing, snot, and general fussiness right now. Their daycare teacher thinks they are teething...I'm not sold on that yet. In any case, I'd love to have just ONE week where no one is sick! I bet you would too!!!!!

So today is a very interesting one here. Muhammad Ali's funeral is today and it's a very big deal for our town since he is from here. They are shutting down a bunch of the city for his procession. I'm watching it on the news right now...he'll be buried in the same cemetery where a lot of my family is buried. It's a neat piece of history to witness.

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Reply by MalPal85 » Jun. 10, 2016 7:39pm

miniray - That damn pinkeye! I hope it doesn't hit our household!
It was hot and humid here for a few days and now it's back to being chilly. Really hard to regulate house temperature with a baby these days.

Pbc - That is a real neat piece of history! I've only followed a little on the news.

Not much to report. Walked Colton into daycare this morning and he had the exact same outfit on as another baby. It was the cutest thing. Even had the same white/grey socks!

Enjoy you weekend ladies!

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Reply by pbc910 » Jun. 14, 2016 3:16pm

Hey ladies...

MalPal - I think I am going to blame you for my new Carter's addiction...haha only kidding! I think I am super stocked on clothes at least through the summer.

miniray - I soooooooooooooo hope you all start recovering from being under the weather. Just reading about how babies tend to get 10-12 colds a year. Sigh. I feel like we've all been on and off sick since April and I am really losing my patience with it. I think I am getting anxious too because I am just waiting for things to get worse or to have complications. SO stressful but I am glad they are older and not so young...then I would really be a mess.

I've been taking care of twins since Saturday alone and it's going great. Sadly, things really don't feel that much different than when their dad is here. I think the problem is I feel bad (which is a ridiculous way to be) making him watch them and he usually gets a lot of time to work on other projects or things around the house. I'm trying to get over this feeling like I have to do it all! I don't think I could have done this 2 months ago but we have a great routine now so that really helps!

Fiona had a rough hour last night screaming and crying around 11pm. Not sure what was wrong. They've been snotty and coughing. No fever. I don't think they are teething. Ugh...I felt so bad for her. And what was baby brother doing after she woke up screaming? Just practicing his attempt to crawl! That kid cracks me up...he also likes to wake up randomly and babble before falling back asleep.

I am looking forward to my mom coming home from vacation so we can visit with her. I love taking the babies over to see grandma and I enjoy spending time with my mom.

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Reply by miniray » Jun. 20, 2016 5:40pm

So we're finally all better, yey! well, I say better, Chris and I still seem to have that irritating tickle in our throats that leaves us coughing in the morning. We're both fine for the rest of the day which makes it all the more annoying....

Christopher has started getting really hungry around bottle time - and he's been watching us while we eat for a few weeks already, so we decided to start trying if he's ready for solids. We tried broccoli and carrots yesterday, big mistake, I think it was far too bitter. Although his facial expressions were hilarious :-) Today I tried a little baby rice, the instructions were a bit weird though it didn't come out right until I fiddle with the 'recipe' a bit - he seemed okay at first, as if he enjoyed the taste (vanilla), but then decided it wasn't for him and spat it all out and started screaming! Now I'm not sure if he's not ready, or maybe it had gone a little cold? So I was just wondering what made you ladies decided it was time to start the babies on solids? was it more hit and miss at the beginning, or did they take to it quite easily?

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Reply by pbc910 » Jun. 21, 2016 2:26pm

miniray - so glad you all are better! This is the like the 4th or 5th day my throat has NOT hurt. Babies don't seem as snotty but I know it's just a matter of time before it comes back.

Looking back at my notes...babies were around 21-22 weeks when we started rice cereal. I decided to try it because Fiona kept watching us eat and Oliver was not satisfied with his bottle. Fiona did well with eating from day one and always was very receptive to food. Oliver didn't care for the rice cereal at first. We tried mixing it with formula and then putting a little in his bottle. He was fine with it mixed in his bottle. I didn't use rice cereal but for a day or two then decided to try veggies and then fruits. Fiona liked it all, especially squash. It's like she knew exactly what to do. Oliver didn't really understand what was going on and would spit it back out and make that face as if he were eating lemons. We decided not to feed him solids and we just gave them to Fiona (but we continued putting some in his bottle). About a week or two later, we tried again with Oliver and he seemed to enjoy it now and know what to do.

At 25 weeks, we started giving both babies 2 ounces of solids at daycare and for dinner. Now, they are champs when it comes to solids. I think I read somewhere that you have to try introducing food 3-4 times to a baby for them to start liking it. I haven't had to do that as they generally tolerate everything they eat.

Also, in the beginning, they say to introduce one food to your baby and wait 3-4 days to see if they have a reaction. I really only did that for a week or two before I started buying the variety (like squash mixed with apples, etc.). We haven't had any issues other than once they seemed to have a reaction to apricot (lots of poo and vomiting).

My mom said that rice cereal was boring for her kids so she would mix in fruit. I actually add rice or oatmeal cereal to most of their fruits and veggies still so it thickens it up for easier eating. Every now and again, Oliver seems not to like something but I just continue giving it to him. You'll notice at first that Christopher won't really know what to do but after a couple days, he'll get it. I also would let Oliver play with the spoon to become more familiar with it. It's very funny watching him eat now, because he just knows as soon as he sees me with the spoon, that it is time to eat and he will open his mouth, whether or not I have his food ready or not.

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Reply by MalPal85 » Jun. 22, 2016 8:16pm

It's nice that we're all on the same page with solids, lol.

Miniray - I started cereal at 4 months because at Colton's 4 month appointment the pediatrician said we could start cereal then try veggies then fruit.

I didn't last long on the whole try one thing and wait for reaction either. I was too excited to try new things. Colton is still liking veggies better than fruit but I think he's starting to come around. I just had the daycare start giving him solids this week for lunch as I was just doing it for dinner. I will gradually add in breakfast too. I occasionally use the cereal to mix with the fruit. It's all still new to all of us. All trial and error, lol.

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Reply by pbc910 » Jun. 23, 2016 2:46pm

Definitely trial and error!

Also, not sure how it is in Europe, but baby food here is usually marked by stages (stage 1, 2, 3) and it corresponds to ages (stage 1 is 4 months +, stage 2 is 6 months + and stage 3 is 8 or 9 months and older). I stupidly bought stage 3 food and realized there were bigger bits of food in there. Oh...that was entertaining. Babies did not know what to do with the pieces of food (they were only the size of a sesame seed) and would gag on it. Luckily, neither threw up but I now get they aren't quite ready for anything more than a thick puree.

One last thing I've noticed with Fiona especially is that she seems not to want as much in her bottle anymore now that she gets 2-3 jars of solids a day. Oliver though, the boy will eat it all and then more!

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