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Help Needed !! Please !!

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by pagetwashington » Aug. 26, 2013 10:35am

Hello, Everybody!!
I'm new here its really nice to join this forum and I wish that anyone here could help me with problem,, so the point is I lost my first baby(Can't say why, as it really hurts a lot, hope any one can understand) and hope me and my husband cope up with our emotions and finally I got pregnant in may and my due date is Feb 2014 but my BP is really very high just because of my previous loss :( :(
But the problem is I can't have a deep sleep of 2 hrs or 4 hr all the time I used to think that will I loss my second baby also?? :( :(
Please help me what should I do??
Thanks in advance!!

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Reply by Sparkle0406 » Aug. 26, 2013 3:42pm

firstly relax!
yes you need your sleep but aslong as your resting thats ok too.
i also lost my first baby and am pregnant again so understand your concern, but if you carry on winding yourself up it wont do your health any good. you need to learn to relax, find an activity that does this be it a warm bath, hot milky drink at bedtime or something else.
i too have insomnia it is very common in pregnancy but if it doesn't get any better then let your dr/midwife know and if necessary they may prescribe something to help you sleep, but this i don't recommend and you shoul dtry and find your own way to relax - excercise is one, even a short walk in frsh air will work wonders and also lower your BP - this wont just be high due to your worry so may be an underlying issue.
good luck

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