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Embryo Grading

Category: Trimesters - First Trimester
Posted by Daliard » 35 weeks ago

Hello everyone! I had a FET yesterday transferring a 4/5 AB PGS tested embryo. Has anyone else transferred with this grade and gotten a BFP? I’m not very familiar with the grading and am just worried about everything as I anticipate the tww. I have gone through 5 retrievals, one failed transfer and I have a 1-year-old from the second transfer. Thanks for any info

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Reply by AshleyK » 35 weeks ago

We transferred 2 4AB embryos for our 2nd FET on August 18 in Ukraine, Biotexcom clinic (I never thought I would choose this country)! Got our BFP and waiting for our first ultrasound next Monday to see how many are in there!
Our first FET was a chemical and was a 4 BB embryo.

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Reply by MickyMouse » 35 weeks ago

The grade doesn’t matter so much since your embryo is PGS tested! Ours was AB as well (not sure of number). I was obsessively googling the B and thought maybe my boy wouldn’t implant but he did! we are both measuring a week ahead and look healthy!! So hopeful for you!

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Reply by Daliard » 35 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you!!!!!

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Reply by Daliard » 35 weeks ago

Thank you! I am so glad for you, congrats!!

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