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Category: General - General Chatter
Posted by jennyalsawadi » Dec. 27, 2011 4:27am

I'm just hoping there might be some other pregnant Muslims on this website...


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Reply by Zarimomy » Sep. 22, 2012 9:06pm

Hey I'm muslim and pregnant

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Reply by yasminesa » Feb. 4, 2013 11:58am

Hi, I'm Muslim and expecting baby #2

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Reply by maximelek » Feb. 6, 2013 10:05am

Selam aleykum, Im also Muslim I converted 10 years ago when i met my husband who is Turkish. Im currently 19 +4 weeks with my second baby. Don't yet know what we having hope to find out on the 28th :)

Hope you all having happy healthy pregnancies.

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Reply by yasminesa » Feb. 7, 2013 4:21pm

Maximelek - walaikum salam, congrats on your pregnancy and on your conversion to Islam, I too converted 5 years ago after travelling and educating myself about the world (I come from a family of aethists and a small town were you were either Christian or aethiest) I married an Algerian shortly after my conversion.

One gorgeous daughter, Baby #2 (my little surprise) on the way xXx Yasmine

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Reply by maximelek » Feb. 10, 2013 9:13am

@yasimesa- thanks for the reply, I was begining to think the group had gone quiet.
Im from an Aethist family myself, well my mothers side consider themselves to be prodestant but they are most definatley not practising lol.
I actually live with my sister as we rent our childhood home from my father (he moved out to live with his girlfriend) so it can cause some friction as she not exactly accepting in my religion. I used to live in Turkey before moving back to UK there I could practise freely, so shes not all that used to it.
I think what makes it harder for her to accept is because I learnt about Islam after meeting my husband she automatically assumes my husband has some how forced me into it. Now you know yourself that would be a big sin.
Anyway lol back to the original subject. How is your pregnancy going? smoothly I hope.
Iv finally hit the 20 week mark. I found out at my last scan that my placenta is on the front so cushioning my babys kicks (im glad to hear this as I was panicing a bit that I wasn't feeling baby move that much). I didn't learn the sex due to baby lying in a funny position I have to go back the end of this month so they can finish the scan and get some final measurments that they couldn't get the first time round. So I got my fingers crossed that I can find out then. :)

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Reply by yasminesa » Feb. 10, 2013 10:51am

Maximelek - nice to hear from you again. There are such strong similarities to us, my mum feels it was my husband that made me convert and wear the hijab, my sister is not shy about her feelings on any religion, she takes a rather journalists point of view - opressive, untrue and terrorism ect.
Well this pregnancy was a surprise, we weren't trying and when I felt ill for 2 weeks I then tested and found out, ms has been terrible again.
Current prediction is that I'n 10th weeks but I doubt the dates are right as I have PCOS, just waiting for a scan to find out what my dates ar.
Which part of the UK are you in? I'm in East London but I originally come from North Wales.

One gorgeous daughter, Baby #2 (my little surprise) on the way xXx Yasmine

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Reply by maximelek » Feb. 12, 2013 1:51pm

Aww so was a happy surprise for you, my son was a surprise :-)
I'm from West Midlands in a town called Oldbury. Comes under the black Country.
Born and bred here, just spent 5 years in turkey but come straight back here. The husband keeps wanting to move to Scotland by his brother but I've put my foot down as all my family here I would have no one up in Scotland.

I hope you get past the nasty Sicky stage soon and can settle in an enjoy your pregnancy. I'm lucky in that although I felt sick in the early stages I never actually was sick.
Be good for you to find out your proper due date.
My pregnancy was planned but they still moved me 4 days forward so I'm due end of June now rather then beginning of July. I'm still expecting July though babies come when they ready and not a moment sooner lol
Well hun hope you and bump well speak soon xxx

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Reply by yasminesa » Feb. 16, 2013 10:03am

Lol believe it or not my DH has been toying with the idea of Scotland for the past 3 years but he's the one that keeps changing his mind lol I've lived all over the place, so being away from my family doesn't bother me or my family especially as my sis lived out in Australia for a few yrs so me being in London isn't too bad lol,
The sickness has improved but not gone, DH made a salad last night and I ended up with my head in the sink for the next 10 mins LOL my.lil girl was wondering what I was doing.coz.her dad was.laughing so hard. Charming!

Aww bless, Ye babies will arrive when they want DD was 2 days early and it was a quick labour so took everyone by surprise LOL. Were your lil ones on time? How's this pregnancy been for you?

One gorgeous daughter, Baby #2 (my little surprise) on the way xXx Yasmine

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Reply by maximelek » Feb. 24, 2013 12:08pm

Hey there sorry for the late reply.
The husband decided to share his dinner with the laptop so its been away getting fixed the past week.
How funny that your husband had been thinking about Scotland too ?
I personally don't see the attraction with it. It gets colder up there then down here loool that can't be good !
Wow your sister lived in Oz for a few years? why ever did she move back?
My sis would love to move over there or New Zealand. Im the only one out my family apart from my mum to move away anywhere for any lenght of time.

Your hubby is mean to laugh at you like that.
Mind you we currently ill ourselves my son decided to bring home a nice cold from nursery so we all had it over this half term break. still suffering with it now.
I can't moan about how poop i feel nooo i mention anything the husbands got it the same if not worse. He seems to forget that he can take medication to help the symptoms all i got is a tub of vicks a pack of lockets and a few lemons !

My son was 2 days over due and was back to back.
I was not an easy labour I tell you that now, I ended up having to have an epidural in the end as I was having the urgh to push too soon.
It was still a good birth I suppose as some peoples birth stories go.

Anyway chick will catch you later, hope all going well for you xxx

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Reply by jennisawa » Aug. 28, 2013 5:29pm

OK... well I'm back again... I started this post originally in Dec 2011 and now I'm pregnant again! Are there any other Muslimahs out there?

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