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January 2015 Babies Club! - Page 33

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Reply by Runnermama » Apr. 21, 2015 6:31am

Thanks! I am very okay with the results! My body definitely needs more healing time! To the tune of 3 years, is what we are planning! :) its all good!

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Reply by Chestnutroast » May. 31, 2015 11:15pm

hi just a pop in to say well...hi and omg i got the little man an Amber anklet for his terrible teething and they are just soooo amazing,this is the first time since he was a month old that he has been contented and pain free.
I could tell he wanted food aswell so started weaning him to the surprise of him wanting much more so soon than i expected so i was bang on with the weaning.
I'm hoping to get him weighed this week,i think it was a fortnight ago the last weigh in and he was 17lb 13oz, he has some lovely squeezy thighs.

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