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BYOB - Valentine's 2015 Babies!

Category: Due Date Clubs - February
Posted by ginabee » May. 28, 2014 9:03pm

Hey Ladies!

I'm Gina, my DH is Cory. We have one son, Corbin, he's 18 months today!
Got my BFP on a Clearblue Digital today. 3w2d. EDD is Feb. 9, 2015.

I figured I'd start a thread for all of the other women who have or will get their BFPs with a Feb due date!

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Reply by ginabee » May. 30, 2014 11:23am

Any other Feb babies on the way?! :)

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Reply by JustKatS » May. 30, 2014 2:33pm

Hey Gina! :)

Making my way over here to join you!

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Reply by JustKatS » May. 30, 2014 2:39pm

Oh, right. Forgetful me.

I'm Kat, 29, hubby is Deej "DJ", 27. We have two boys from my previous marriage, Aiden (8) and Conley (6).

I got a BFP on CD28/10dpo for an EDD of 2.9.15!

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Reply by ginabee » Jun. 1, 2014 3:13am

We have the same EDD!

Congrats on your BFP! So glad the Clomid worked for you.

How have you been feeling?

I swear if I hadn't seen the positive test, I wouldn't know. Other than being hungry 24/7 and some cramping here and there, feeling pretty normal. Nice change of pace from last time!!

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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 1, 2014 9:48pm

I saw that!! My last was preterm so I'm expecting to go early again...but fingers crossed I don't! How exciting!

Oh man, today has been wonderful, but the past two days sucked. I seem to be getting sick earlier this time than my past two pregnancies, and I'm wondering if maybe there aren't two in there! I'm not supposed to have an u/s for another few weeks, so I may just call and ask if it's possible to check some my cycle was fairly unmonitored.

I've been using the cheapie tests and my line is darkening pretty fast. I may just be nervous about it though! I'm glad you're feeling well :)

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Reply by ohbabyIV » Jun. 2, 2014 3:16am

Hey ladies, I stalked you both on CTP, I'm there on a different name. I've been quiet this time because I had a cp back in August and I'm nervous. I typically shout it from the mountaintops the moment I get my BFP but like I said, I'm gun shy this time.
I'm 34, Dh is 34. I have 2 from a prior marriage, 12 and 7 and a 15 month old with Dh. She was born 3 weeks early and we were trying for this little bean for 2 cycles because if all goes well, this will be my last pregnancy/ttc. My edd is 2/7/15 so looks like we all got BFP right about the same time! Congrats and fx for sticky babies!
My only symptoms now are fatigue and very short bouts of nausea. Not that I didn't know this, but every pregnancy really has been completely different. I also have an intense cold thing which is really got me down. My face hurts so bad, I can't breathe, my throat is on fire...and I can't take a thing. Hopefully it passes soon. We haven't told anyone I'm pregnant except best friends and I'm really glad to have an outlet now!!
Ok....done rambling now! :-)

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Reply by ginabee » Jun. 2, 2014 1:15pm

Welcome, ohbaby! What would you prefer to be called?

Congrats on the BFP! I know how nerve wracking it can be. Haven't had a cp before, but finding out almost a week before your period is definitely scary. Don't have a doc appointment/sono until June 30 (8 weeks). A long time to wait to make sure if everything is going well. Also been taking tests every day. So reassuring to keep seeing that positive get darker!

Same here for symptoms. So tired, randomly nauseous, but that's about it. So different from last time. I had hor roble headaches, aches and pains and dry heaves before I got the positive! Welcoming the change for sure!

So glad to get to share with you ladies!

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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 2, 2014 7:34pm

haha. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that keeps testing just to see that line get darker. I told my hubs that I was done after this last Clearblue Advanced that shows the weeks after ovulation, so...I have one more that I'm gonna wait for a few more days on (the one today said 2-3 weeks). That line darkened up on the Dollartree cheapies and the FRERs though.

I had one spot on Saturday, and then a little this morning with a wipe. It never stops being scary, even if it's normal. Either way, right now my only symptom is being completely exhausted from my interrupted sleep. I hope the insomnia doesn't hit full force.

We haven't told any of our family or anything yet. We agreed we could each tell one person, so he told his sister (who is due in August), and I told one of my best friends who is currently in South Korea. We have the most adorable idea for announcing it to our family, but that won't be until the weekend of the 28th!

Hope you ladies are feelin well!!

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Reply by ohbabyIV » Jun. 3, 2014 12:25am

Oops! I forgot to share my name, it's Jess. Tee hee!
I promised I wouldn't take any more tests to see dark lines because I am freaking myself out and I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous you have tests left! Ok, ok, I have one digital left but I'm scared to take it because at 14 dpo or whatever it was bfn. I did take one Saturday and then I got asked about it and I can't lie! I haven't had spotting so that's holding some of my sanity. I'm Rh- so my doc wants to see me on Thursday of this week. I guess I kind of want to test before to not be humiliated but I probably won't. I have a terrible cold too. It sucks. The congestion has given me a headache. Or is that pregnancy? Who knows! Lol!
I am trying t decide how/when to share the big news. My oldest 2 are leaving for the summer in a week and won't be home till I'm 13 weeks. We want to surprise them, but that means not telling anyone for another 9 whole weeks!
I'm happy to be in this thread and look forward to getting to know the feb 15 mamas!

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Reply by holli1009 » Jun. 3, 2014 12:53pm

Hi ladies!

I'm Heather (31) and my DH is David (37). We got our BFP on Sunday, June 1st and our EDD is February 9, 2015. This will be our first child.

My first OB appt is on June 18th and I can't wait to hear the heart beat and make sure that everything is progressing as it should. Being that this is my first pregnancy, I feel like I don't know everything that I should even though I tend to research the heck out of things:) I think I'll feel much better after my appt.

We are waiting to tell my dad and his parents on Father's Day weekend and then the rest of the family will find out once we are 12 weeks. I had to tell my mom as soon as I found out because I can't keep anything from her! I'm an only child and she and I are very close!!

I'm excited to share this journey with you ladies!! Praying for a happy and healthy 9 months for all of us!!!

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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 3, 2014 2:06pm

Hi Heather! Three of us on the 9th! Look at that! Congrats to you :)

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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 3, 2014 4:44pm

I've also been feeling something new today, which is just hormonal CRAAAAP.

I was so frustrated this morning at my desk that I couldn't stop myself from crying. Even thinking about it right now makes me want to start bawling again for no reason. I'm also getting severely annoyed WAY too easily.

Man, I forgot all of the 'joys'.

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Reply by ginabee » Jun. 3, 2014 5:43pm

@ Jess - It would be so hard not to be able to tell your kids until the end of the summer! I do not envy you having to make that decision! Definitely let us know how your appointment goes on Thursday.

@Heather - Welcome! Another Feb. 9 due date! Yeah... researching is so hard NOT to do. I was so obsessed with making sure every little thing was fine and normal the first time around. Really trying to just chart how I feel every day and leave google ALONE this time. :) You are way more patient than we are!! We got our BFP on May 28, and by May 31st we scheduled a lunch with all of my family and put Corbin (our 18 month old) in a "Big Brother" t-shirt and let him tell everyone for us. They were all excited. The most common response was, "That was fast!"

@Kat - Feeling the hormones over here, too! So quick to snap or get weepy. I keep crying at dumb commercials or find myself getting all emotional over my son. Forgot how quickly that came on. Haha!

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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 4, 2014 4:06pm

I also totally failed and went and bought more tests at Dollar Tree. I can't help it. They're so cheap. I took one last night after skipping the 2nd and HOLY DARK LINE. Definitely made me smile :)

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Reply by Ameejo22 » Jun. 5, 2014 1:45pm

Hello Ladies got BFP this morning so jumping over here with you all!

I'm Amee 27 DH is Logan will be 31 in July. We are soo happy we have only been trying for 5months. We were married in September2013 but have been together for 6 yrs, and can't wait to start our family! EDD is February 12 so could definitely be a V-day baby!

So happy right now i could cry ( guess that is the hormones coming out lol)

Only major symptoms I'm having is a major back ache and some nausea.

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Reply by ginabee » Jun. 5, 2014 2:51pm

Welcome, Amee!! Congrats on the BFP!!

So exciting seeing all of these Feb babies on the way!

I'm feeling pretty normal. AF would have come Tuesday, and it didn't, so I'm feeling a little more confident about this pregnancy! I've got a weirdly upset stomach this morning, so it would be nice if that would stop soon! It's really bizzare to me to feel so NOT pregnant. With my son, I was already pretty miserable at 4.5 weeks. Nice change of pace. Maybe it's a girl?! Haha.

Hope you ladies have a nice Thursday!

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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 5, 2014 3:25pm

Congrats, Amee!! Welcome to the group :)

I've also had a fairly big switch in the body, because other than being sore from softball, I couldn't even tell that I'm pregnant. Some days my boobs feel more full than others, but I'm still getting that dark line!

Gina, do you have any progression pictures of your lines? Since we both found out CD28, it would be interesting to see how it's progressed for both of us, don't you think? I'm still wondering if there might be two, but I won't find out for another 3.5 weeks!!

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Reply by ginabee » Jun. 5, 2014 3:50pm

I do! Let me take a pic and post it :) I was completely OCD this time around and made this chart where I taped my HPT tests every day started on 8DPO. Sad, right?!? Haha. Good thing it turned out positive or that would have been a sad piece of paper.

God I hope it's not multiples. When is your first appointment, Kat?

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Reply by ginabee » Jun. 5, 2014 4:01pm

OK! Here's the pic:


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Reply by JustKatS » Jun. 5, 2014 4:15pm

Here's mine:
User Image

That 15dpo kinda came outta nowhere like BAM! Proooobably why I've got a bit of the OCD with it, too. I took an 9DPO and got a faint faint faint line, but I threw it in the trash because I thought it was an evap. haha!

I've scheduled an 8wk sono on my own accord as my OB's office offers them for $75, but my first actual appointment with the doctor isn't until 12 weeks! It's torture.

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