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4th Pregnancy anyone?

Category: Due Date Clubs - January
Posted by Momof4.2013 » Jun. 9, 2012 11:06am

I was just wondering if there are any other mommy's of 3 and expecting their 4th. Hoping I'm not alone

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Reply by elizabethwatts_83 » Jun. 9, 2012 11:17am

hello congrats on your pregnancy :) im pregnant with baby no.4 and it was planned and its nice to know im not alone too :) when is your baby due?
im jan 24th, do u have both boys and girls?? i have 1 daughter and 2 sons and hoping for a little girl :) tip the scales a little :)

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Reply by Momof4.2013 » Jun. 9, 2012 2:39pm

to you as well!
Im due Jan 4th with our finally little one (which was planned, i think i might be crazy lol)
I have 2 girls and 1 boy, DH is hoping for a boy but i will be happy either way.
how old are your little ones? Mine are DD 4, DS 3, DD 14months.
Hope to keep in touch and share stories about life with 3, almost 4


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Reply by elizabethwatts_83 » Jun. 11, 2012 12:11am

congrats :) my eldest daughter is 9 going on 18 lol, my son is 8 and the youngest son is 14 months :)

cant wait to share stories we are all excited and waiting for our new addition:)

but im so over the negative statements of people when we say we are expecting again:( why cant people just be happy

hope u girls have better luck :)

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Reply by Momof4.2013 » Jun. 12, 2012 1:33am

I know what you mean! The most common one i hear is "are you crazy?" or "have you heard of birth control?"

Most of the time i reply with no i am not crazy and yes i have heard of birth control, but i am sooo over it! we chose to continue our family, and that shouldn't bother other people! We are happy and that's all that matters

i just hope ignorant people can think of other peoples feelings. Though i doubt that will happen anytime soon. lol

On another note. how is you pregnancy going?

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Reply by elizabethwatts_83 » Jun. 12, 2012 6:24am

lol i know tell me about it!!! i want a large family for me there is nothing happier than a homw full of children :)

my pregnancy is going good, feel really sick in the arvo's could sleep as soon as i lay down lol, cant drink coffee at the moment but other than that at the moment it is all good:) but i tell u what i feel more of pregnancy sickness this time around than i did with any of my other pregnancy. how about you?? how are u feeling??
how are your children?? do they know you are going to have a baby??

i have my ultrasound this thursday so im very excited to see my little bub:) have u been for one yet? or do u have one coming up?

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Reply by natalieprice » Jun. 13, 2012 11:49am

congratulations on your pregnancies this is my 5th pregnancy i have ds 8 ds 3 mis ds1 and am due in october with a dd. I cant get used to going straight to the girls clothing it feels strange to me as i have had 3 sons lol. I also doubt that tis will be my last baby plenty of time for maybe another 1 or 2 lol

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Reply by Momof4.2013 » Jun. 15, 2012 10:50am

good morning ladies

@Natalieprice; on your pregnancy and it being a girl :D You must be a very strong Mom to have 3 sons, a baby girl on the way and still want more!
How has your pregnancy been so far this time?

@Liz: The kids are good getting real big and since it is summer vacation they have so much energy here at home. Yes they know i am having a baby Which has lead to them rubbing my belly every other minute lol. Im starting to do better. I have extreme morning sickness this time around, but its starting ti dissipate and my energy is coming back (no more couch for me, which DH is happy about)

I have had three ultra sounds because i had the mirena (will never use it again) i knew i was pregnant. they did an ultra sound because i couldn't find the strings. and couldn't tell i was pregnant. After 6 blood tests and 2 more ultra sounds my hormones started rising and they finally saw a baby on the screen

I have my first trimester screening on the 25th so i will get to see my baby then :)

Have you had your first midwife apt yet? Had mine on Tuesday and baby has a nice strong heart beat


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Reply by monsienz » Jun. 17, 2012 5:52am

Hiya to all ... I have three girls, 14, 12 and 10. Baby is planned and due Feb 2013. I am hoping it will be a boy ... fingers and toes crossed .

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Reply by elizabethwatts_83 » Jun. 18, 2012 1:12am

monsienz congratulations to u fingers crossed you have a little boy :)

natlie congrats to you too, and ladies hope all your pregnancy are going well and you feel good.

i havent seen an ob yet because i need to book into the hospital and see how long i have to wait, but if its too long then i will see my ob that i had for my first 2 so i can get my down syndrome tests done at 10 weeks.

i had mu first ultrasound last week thursday and they have put me a week back so baby is now due the 30th of jan.

i had a mirina in place but had it removed 1 1/2months before i feel pregnant, thank goodness, you must be scared, i know i would, and i hope it all goes well, and at least you are been taken care of well so that makes you feel that everything will turn out great :)

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Reply by Queenmommy53 » Jun. 18, 2012 7:10pm

Oh my glad I'm not the only one here. I have three girls and I'm expecting #4 I'm due in February 13 2013. Which I'm secretly hoping it's a boy this time around. Girls are fun, but DH and I are wanting more blue in the house.

Everyone in our family is trying to jinx us with an other girl. It's NOT FUNNY though! A healthy baby is great. But a healthy boy would be good too.

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Reply by elizabethwatts_83 » Aug. 14, 2012 9:20am

Hello ladies how r u all going?? we just found out we r having a girl:)

anyone else found out yet?

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Reply by KatnZosfirst » Aug. 12, 2014 2:01am

Hello there!! I am working on a fourth also :) mine wasn't planned but will be lived just the same. I have 3 girls. 15,13,10. This one just kinda snuck in there. Lol. Makes me want another one so this one doesn't have to be alone. Hey when you got 4 already why not ?? Lol. I was told at 15w1d it was another girl.

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