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1st trimester/summer babies - let's compare symptoms...

Category: General - Symptoms & Discomforts
Posted by mommasami3 » Dec. 19, 2014 3:52pm

My EDD is August 18. This is my 9th pregnancy....4th baby. Definitely a surprise baby this time around.

I got my BFP this past Wednesday and have been sick with the flu and pneumonia so I didn't even know that some of the symptoms I had could be pregnancy related. The nausea is what made me test. I haven't thrown up yet...but I've been close. My lst pregnancy I threw up 1-3 times a day from 4weeks through 16 weeks and was hospitalized twice...so I hope it's just nausea this time! Other than that I've had pretty bad headaches, which I can attribute to lack of caffeine. I'm typically a coffee drinker but haven't had any in a few days now. I guess my pants are already a little snug too...not uncomfortably yet, though.

How about you, ladies? What are your symptoms so far?

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Reply by JaxyBoBaxy » Dec. 19, 2014 8:06pm

I'll be due sometime around Aug 24th with my first. I've had a bad cold, which is odd for me as I never get this sick. I think the main giveaway has been the nausea and crazy amounts of boob pain.

I typically don't get sore before my period and I don't typically have cramps either. The weird thing I've started experiencing was the gallons of saliva and pronounced veins in my chest and hands. When I first saw the veins in my hands, I thought I was either dying or turning invisible. A google search turned up a handful of other women who experienced similar things. The sudden prejudice against the smell of Doritos though was what convinced me to take a pregnancy test on Wednesday. I haven't yet had a doctor's appointment, but that will be coming up soon.

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Reply by mommasami3 » Dec. 19, 2014 8:59pm

I haven't had a Dr. appt. yet either. But I have a history of miscarriage so I'm waiting until I reach 8 weeks to call. Although...with all the symptoms, it appears this little bean is going to stick!

I was diagnosed with pneumonia last month after being sick for 4 weeks. I started feeling a little better...and WHAM! Sick again. It's been 2 months now. I'm so done with winter and it's not even here yet! lol

The veins....that's weird. I don't think I've ever heard of that. I sure know what you mean about the smell of Doritos though! I had to clean out all my scentsy warmers because the scent that was in them was making me want to hurl and it's all over my house!

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Reply by monroezelda » Dec. 19, 2014 9:29pm

Hi all Im due around 22/23 august 6th pregnancy 5th baby.
Week b4 af due I had nausea and bawking..
I have had a cough since then and swollen glands.
My skin is super oily .
I craved peanut butter ,.an today I had peanut butter on a hotcross bun :/ I would never eat tha in my life ha.

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Reply by JaxyBoBaxy » Dec. 19, 2014 11:23pm

Pronounced veins is on the symptom list, so I guess it's common enough. I never knew that could be a sign of pregnancy. I don't have any food cravings or any particular aversions though. I know for some people, it happens later.

Here's hoping for healthy babies all around coming up next year!

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Reply by APHBOD » Dec. 21, 2014 2:58pm

Just found out a few days ago, 6 days late, woke up and vomited badly. tested- strong strong positive! Due date Aug 20.

I have the whole shebang when it comes to symptoms. My boobs are SO SORE! My nipples tingle. A lot. Like every time I get a shiver or anything it goes up my spine and shoots out my nipples! V weird. I am nauseous almost constantly. Today (the one day I'm not in work since I found out) I'm actually feeling okay, but I did figure out that making a lemon and ginger tea the night before, leaving it beside my bed, and sipping it in the morning in bed REALLY helps me. I've been getting headaches intermittently, but none so bad I can't function yet. Probably more a symptom of nicotine and caffeine withdrawal.

The weirdest symptom by far though, and the one that I think is affecting me most, is the sense of smell. I can smell EVERYTHING! If you went out for a drink after work last night, I WILL smell it off you. If I am three aisles away from the cleaning products in the supermarket I can smell bleach. If someone on the bus is wearing too much perfume I am fighting not to vomit. The bad news is, I work in a charity shop. These are very smelly places. Far smellier than I ever realised before!

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Reply by awebste » Dec. 22, 2014 2:47am

hi ladies - just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant! edd with LMP would be August 29th. i am having leg aches and terrible insomnia. along with increase boob size and pronounced veins. had 2 morning where I was nauseous and thrown up.

hoping, after a loss in September with my first pregnancy, that I have a happy and healthy 9 months. its so hard to be too excited after a loss - I am so scared it will happen again - so I am being cautiously optimistic!

hoping to get to know you all as we go through this journey!

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Reply by monroezelda » Dec. 22, 2014 3:33pm

I had a mc before my last baby, makin my last baby a super hard pregnancy, just constantly thinking the worst.
However even after having a healthy pregnancy after my mc, with this pregnancy Im exactly the same , super nervous.
I get a lot of cm in pregnancy an everytime I feel it I run to the bathroom thinking its blood. I think once u have lost a baby, that fear is always there no matter how many healthy pregnancies you have after.
All you can do is think it is out of our hands.and what will be will be xx

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Reply by mommasami3 » Dec. 27, 2014 1:45pm

Hi ladies! Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday. The only constant symptom I've had is nausea and sensitivity to smell. I'm still fighting this chest cold (two months now). I'm on the fence about the fact that I really have no other symptoms. The only pregnancies where I didn't have sore boobs and constipation were my losses. Honestly I've been out of sorts since we found out. Obviously it's a blessing...but one we weren't planning for. I haven't told anyone, which is also uncommon, for me. I'm really hoping to get over this cold/respiratory infection soon. It's hard to tell if my symptoms are pregnancy related or cold related. All this snot is taking a toll. Yuck.

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