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1st trimester weightloss...

Category: Trimesters - First Trimester
Posted by kawaimichiko » Sep. 13, 2011 6:32pm

It's irritating to me to be told that I need to gain weight. I understand that I do need to, but.... it is hard to do when you can't keep anything down. I've lost more than 7lbs since the 1st prenatal appt. I didn't mean to. Although I've manage to keep my prenatal vitamin down for more than an hour every night, it's still not good enough :/ I will gain the weight eventually so why is everyone fussing. Haters?

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Reply by kawaimichiko » Sep. 13, 2011 6:33pm

Sorry... just needed to vent.

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Reply by jkg9510 » Sep. 13, 2011 8:05pm

I was fairly thin to begin with and I've lost 6 lbs so far (at 11w2d no morning sickness, just food aversions), and my doctor hasn't even commented on it, and when I asked the nurse she said it's normal. My doctor actually told me NOT to gain more than 10 lbs in the first 20 weeks. They are probably most worried about you getting nutrition, because the baby's not gaining much weight at all yet. If your doctor was THAT worried he/she'd prescribe something like Zofram so you wouldn't be so nauseous and could eat something. Doctors aren't ALWAYS right, or nice. Just focus on eating whatever you can like I'm sure you already are.

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Reply by kawaimichiko » Sep. 13, 2011 10:10pm

The doc did give me Rx for zofran and even that is still a hit or miss. It's not so much the doc that's driving me insane, it's the ppl around me that's annoying me. I lost 12lbs in the 1st trimester w/ both my dd and ds and they came out just fine. I gained 16 lbs with dd and she came out to be 9.10lbs. Maybe it's just my hormones, who knows.

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Reply by Shannybum » Sep. 14, 2011 1:07am

Don't sweat it - people always have something to say - if you'd gained 10 by now people would be telling you to slow down!! I lost about 6 in the first trimester and now at 31 weeks I'm up 25 total......

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Reply by sweetpea016 » Sep. 14, 2011 1:07pm

my very first pregnancy i weighed 110 i went down to 98 in my first trimester.....it's all fine. I gained my weight back. this 4th baby so far i have lost 8lbs...i am still having trouble eating...so, hang in there...try drinking smoothies (if possible) ask for a rx for phenegren (sp) zofran did nothing for me... phenegren makes me tired but helps with nausea...

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Reply by yasminesa » Sep. 14, 2011 6:27pm

Don't worry too much I have lost 11 lbs since becoming pregnant I found out 9 dpo and will be 11 weeks tomorrow. My dr and midwife haven't said anything other than if I stop keeping water down go straight to emergancy.

One gorgeous daughter, Baby #2 (my little surprise) on the way xXx Yasmine

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