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Pregnant after 3 consecutive Miscarriages

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by JLH589 » Dec. 19, 2015 8:49pm

We are very early pregnant after three consecutive miscarriages. Anyone else in a similar boat? I am keeping myself emotionally unattached .

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Reply by tcinks » Dec. 29, 2015 12:42am

Congratulations! :) How are you doing this week ?

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Reply by stickybean1976 » Dec. 30, 2015 12:28am

Hi congrats. I had 4 in 12 months trying for #2 all were after seeing heartbeats. I had 3 D&C surgeries to remove them :-( then I had my second daughter this year April she's now 8 months. My rainbow finally came. So have faith, this could be the one. Best of luck x

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Reply by jolark » Jan. 2, 2016 4:24pm

I am 4 weeks after two consecutive miscarriages.

It's so hard not to read in to every symptom or lack of! Just want the next few weeks to fly by but of course they will drag on forever!

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Reply by JLH589 » Jan. 11, 2016 3:07pm

I am sorry I am supposed to get notifications and for some reason I was emailed that this forum was replied to. Sorry!

I am now 8 weeks exactly. My first ultrasound is tomorrow so I am very nervous! After my three losses I have developed an intense fear and anxiety related to ultrasounds and these appointments in general.

Jolark: I hope this is your rainbow! I know exactly what you mean about wanting time to fly by. Unfortunately, it seems to be even slower! I have tried hard to stay busy and not talk about it much. I also have kept this a secret besides a couple close friends and family.

Stickbean1976: What did you do differently, if anything, for your rainbow baby pregnancy? Were you nervous the whole time? I love success stories, thank you for sharing.

Thinks: Thank you! I am nervous but I actually have lots of preg symptoms- nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sore boobs, etc So it is reassuring. Although the nausea has been constant for the last 3 weeks..

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Reply by LacyRose » Mar. 18, 2016 12:41am

Hi Ladies,
was wondering if anyone was still checking up on this forum. I have had two miscarriages in the last 7 months. I found out sunday after a dizzy spell that I am PREGNANT again. My last one was in Jan. I am very scared and it is hard to get excited. I really hope this is the one. It will be my first. I was hoping some of you ladies could let me know how you all have been doing over the last few weeks. I am 4 wks 3 days so very early. Ready for wk 8 as i haven't made it that far! Look forward to hearing from you! Good luck to everyone!

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Reply by avanyyy » Mar. 9, 2017 11:16am

I'm with you. Due to my diseases I had 4 pregnancies. I had 4 cycles of ivf : 2 with my own eggs and 2 with donor eggs. All pregnancies were unsuccessful and I had miscarriages. It's my 5th cycle of de ivf and I'm happy to announce that I'm pregnant. We can't believe in our happiness.
I don't want to hurt you, but what a reason for this, did the doctor explain you the causes ?

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Reply by dazzyshahu » Sep. 2, 2017 5:19am

Hi welcome friend, I am here for you to provide by powerful information to clear your doubt and provided valuable support to handle this horrible situation in your life in professional way. I want to congratulation for you for your pregnancy. It is good time to make proper planning to overcome this horrible situation from your past mistake. I can understand your problem in easy way. I also face similar problem like you in my life just 2 year ago. Now I am happy and healthy enjoying baby gift in my life that is dream of every woman to enjoy labor fruit. I am feeling happy to help you behalf of my personal life experience to handle this horrible situation. It is not easy job to handle this horrible situation without stress and depression. You can manage stress and depression in proper way with effective yoga and meditation to reduce its harmful effect and get full relaxation to create win-win situation for you to get maximum benefit.
I want to express kind heart thanks to understand my problem and provide the best-in-class treatment of my problem to enjoy healthy baby gift in my life that fulfill my whole life with happiness. It is your turn to enjoy real-time benefit in your life. You should strictly follow all tips and tricks to get benefit in your life to defeat any type of problem during pregnancy. You can start your planning with healthy lifestyle and balanced diet to provide proper nutrition value for all body to smooth working. You should consume rich iron food with folic acid to maintain high hemoglobin level in your blood to get easy pregnancy and avoid any miscarriage possibility.

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Reply by rebecca8411 » Sep. 23, 2017 4:39am

I am so sorry for your loss. I can understand your physical and mental state at this time. This is good opportunity for me to help you to overcome this difficult situation on behalf of my own experience to handle this critical problem in effective way. I also face poor equality problem. You need not to lose hope. There are many effective methods that can change poor to good quality eggs within two and three month with strictly follow on rule and regulation timely. The first and foremost thing I want to say to handle this critical problem with positive attitude. The positive attitude and positive affirmation are effective tools to cure incurable disease in medical history. You should understand the power of positive attitude and affirmation in effective way. The next important thing is balanced diet. You are poor quality simply signify that your body hormone level is not in balance. You should keep your body hormone level in balance to enhance quality of eggs that is very beneficial for you to conceive in minimum time. There are various Medical Researchers reports that show effect of balanced diet. The unbalanced diet should come become cause of infertility in future. The lack of physical exercise is second main reason of infertility. You should do proper routine work with little exercise to maintain proper blood supply to all reproduction system that not only enhance your immunity system but also enhance your egg quality to conceive in limited time. This is your turn to bring brightness into your dream life with healthy baby gift. I hope you got soon good news.

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Reply by mishavailable » Sep. 23, 2017 5:56am

Hello dear. I am really sorry for the losses in life. I am feeling so sad and can understand your agony very well. I know it become hard for the woman to survive after facing the terrible situation in life. Your story sounds similar to me but I never lose the hope and I finally able to get pregnant and doing fine after contacting directly to Lotus Clinic. In the early pregnant you need to be conscious about your health and do not take the risk again. To conceive the baby safely, you can visit to Lotus Clinic where you can get the best chance and able to conceive the lovely baby. Now you do not need to lose the hope and go for the best treatment. I am happy for you that you finally get pregnant and all I can say you should not lose the hope and keep the mind positive. It is very important to take care about health and this time you need the complete support of your partner so you won’t have to face the trouble in further time.
It is very important for you to take the rest properly and do not lift the heavy things at all. ON the perfect time you can check the pregnancy daily and aware about your health. You need to keep the mind positive and concentrate in reading the good books and eat the healthy meal which boosts the immunity system. To maintain the health you can add the green leafy and healthy meal in your diet daily. It help in conceiving the healthy baby. You can go for the morning and evening walk daily and visit to Lotus Clinic for checkup. I pray to God that you conceive the healthy baby and able to start the new phase in life.

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Reply by josepheena » Mar. 27, 2018 4:01pm

Hey there! I hope you're okay. I know it is a very complicated situation. Byt hey? don't lose hope. Ever. You should think yourself as lucky that you conceived the fourth time. It's not easy for most of the couples today. Infertility is being very common now and is very heart-wrenching. I'm very sorry for your losses. There isn't any pain greater than the pain of losing your baby. I've been through this situation. I also had 3 MCs in 2 years. But then my body had been so weak that I decided not to try and conceive now. I hope your health is good. Please have multiple vitamins and minerals and drink a lot of water. You must be strong to give birth. You should be extra careful. I know you're not emotionally attached because you don't have your hopes high. Think positive, please. I wish you Luck! Keep us updated.

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Reply by SelenaJones » Mar. 31, 2018 1:39pm

Hi Honey! Well, yes! I know what you're referring to. I've been through it! I've had a total of 3 MCs. Every time, I felt that a part of me disappeared. So, yeah. But, now I've quit trying naturally. It's not just like I'm giving up...I'm going to have it by another way. I'm having an IVF later this year at a repro center in Ukraine. Because I think that trying to myself would waste my time. Well, that's all I wanted to say...Wish you all the best! Don't be tensed! Stay strong!

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jan. 4, 2019 12:13am


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Reply by saramccartney123 » Feb. 9, 2019 8:41pm

Hi. Sorry about your miscarriages. But hey congratulations. It finally happened. You are doing the right thing. But I'm sure this one is going to stick. Think happy thoughts. good luck with your pregnancy. Keep us updated on how you're feeling.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Feb. 13, 2019 7:04pm


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Reply by Hannahh123 » Sep. 18, 2019 10:02am

I am really sorry to hear about your recurrent MC. I hope this one goes smoothly. Although I think you should have waited. Maybe asked the doctors to help you. With recurrent MC it is always better to first improve the quality of the eggs. This then helps in ensuring that the pregnancy goes smoothly. Apart from that most women in such situations usually do opt for IVF. Mainly because in the process the embryo is first formed in the lab and then only transmitted. However, just stay positive and calm. I hope this time things take a positive turn. Just take extra care of yourself. Visit the doctor timely. Hoping for the best. Sending baby dust your way.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Oct. 20, 2019 4:13pm

Hey, I am really sorry to know about your recurrent MC. I hope things go better this time. Just make sure to follow the doctor's instruction. Visit them frequently for the checkup. Also, before this did you look at the reports and the reasoning for the MC. This would have helped in being careful this time. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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Reply by Gretta1 » Oct. 28, 2020 2:47pm

The best thing I can say here is to wish you great luck!
But, in case of a dismiss, I would recommend you to go to the surrogate clinic. It seems like it's not the worst idea.

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