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February 2017 babies - Page 3

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Reply by nreiselpn » Aug. 3, 2016 6:13pm

Cpaz congrats on your girl, phatgurl hoping your results are a false + however your in my thoughts. Even now going into my 14th week I'm still having morning sickness it's better but not as good as it should be we are also patiently waiting our genetic testing results but more nervous about our fatal echo at the end of sept. To rule out heart defects as 2 of our sons have them our youngest just turned 1 had open heart surgery at 4 months old and is likely to have more as he still needs a valve replacement. Our anatomy is set for Sept 12th. We still haven't told anyone one not even our children.

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Reply by phatgurl » Aug. 4, 2016 2:13am

nreiselpn - Thank you. I hope you start to feel better soon and that both your genetic testing and fetal echo turn up nothing of concern!

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Reply by WinterLJ » Aug. 5, 2016 4:05pm

Phatgurl, I'm hoping that it is indeed a false + as well. Please know that you and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cpaz, congratulations! Baby girl sounds lovely. My mom is asking for grandbaby girl...lol!

I did my NT ultrasound yesterday afternoon and it seems that everything is normal. I would still have to wait for 1.5 weeks to get the bloodwork results though. After which, we can do our official announcement.

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Reply by TXkadams » Aug. 10, 2016 7:25pm

I searched and searched for this birth group! And here you are.

How is everyone?

I'm due with my third mid-Feb. Excited and petrified. What the heck were we thinking? 3?!?!?!

Have two boys currently, 5 and 1 and am hoping for a girl. Not planning on finding out the sex though, so it will be a big surprise.

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Reply by phatgurl » Aug. 11, 2016 11:10pm

WinterLJ - thank you. I'm glad your scan went well!

TXkadams - welcome! Congrats on your little one. I'm having #4. 3 is a bit like crazy town, but you'll adjust.

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Reply by cpaz7103 » Aug. 13, 2016 10:30am

Sorry I've been jst lurking around in the back but it's that I had been going through some emotional situation.. well I had gotten my results back from my genetic tests and they were abnormal. I was in the 74% to have a down syndrome baby grl, but then was offered to retest with a different type of test and company which then came back low risk possibilities, Dr said not to worry means I'm 98.9 % my baby is fine. I'm so excited with my new results that we cried. I pray the same happens to you phatgrl.
Winterj congrats on ur good nt results praying u receive good lab reults back..
Txkadams welcome and congrats!!
I too am going on my 3rd bby and kinda nervous because I'm 4mon pregnant with a 5 1/2 mon old bby boy and a 6 1/2 yr old daughter.
Hope to hear from all the mommies updates soon we have a couple that have stayed behind jst wondering how u all doing???

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Reply by phatgurl » Aug. 22, 2016 5:12pm

I found out at my OB appt this morning that our daughter's heart has stopped beating. I go in later this week for an induced delivery. I wish you all the very best of luck with your pregnancies and deliveries and thank you for listening up until now. This was our last attempt at pregnancy, and at 42, I'm just really tired and done after going through fertility treatments and now this. Unless we could afford IVF, we would not try again since the age of my eggs has likely affected my last 3 pregnancies.

Happy & Healthy 9 months to you all.

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Reply by adiggs » Aug. 22, 2016 5:24pm

Phat- I am so deeply sorry. You are in my prayers.

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Reply by phatgurl » Aug. 23, 2016 1:17pm

Adiggs - thank you so much.

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Reply by WinterLJ » Aug. 23, 2016 3:53pm

Phatgurl, I'm so sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Reply by yummymummy1991 » Aug. 24, 2016 11:44am

Hi everyone,

I'm actually due mid March but hoping to join a more active forum since the March one is really quiet. May I jump on board with the feb crew?

I'm due 12 March 2017 and made many great friends in my 2013 pregnancy on here that I still keep in touch with today and would like to do the same.

Phat: I'm incredibly sorry about your loss and understand your position all too well as I am a "veteran" in miscarriages. Sending lots of love and strong vibes your way to make it through this trying time.

This pregnancy was not planned for us, in fact we had talked about looking at not trying/not preventing around March next year, not finishing a pregnancy, so it is still very welcome and loved already.
We are a split family come together (not married), he has two children, I have one, and this will be our first and probably (hopefully) last and only for us as a crew of 4 is enough in our eyes.
We have not revealed to our family yet and 99% of our friends but are planning an announcement of some kind in the next week or two after our NT scan which is tomorrow. Excited and nervous about the scan and reveal!

I hope to make some life long friends to share the pregnancy journey and beyond with.

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Reply by TXkadams » Aug. 24, 2016 5:34pm

Welcome Yummy, I also joined this site with my previous pregnancy and it was a lot more active then. Hoping we can bring it back.

So sorry Phat, I have also had to have a baby removed at 15+weeks. It was awful. Sending good vibes for your recovery, both mental and physical. Take the time you need to heal.

I am 15 weeks today (a little bittersweet because of the previous loss). Since this is my 3rd child (4th pregnancy), I'm already starting to show. I've told everyone in charge at work, but all of my random co-workers don't know yet, it's kind of fun to watch their faces as they ponder if I'm just putting on weight or pregnant. Is it cruel that I'm kind of enjoying that?

On a separate note my oldest started Kindergarten this week. He's super excited and doing great, but SOOO tired and crabby at the end of the day. He could still use a nap, but of course they don't have them in kinder and of course he doesn't think he's tired.

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Reply by yummymummy1991 » Aug. 25, 2016 7:58am

TXk: how awesome about the kindy starting! My first child has been in kindy since quite young since I decided to take up study and I can definitely remember those crabby nights! We still have them but not as bad now. I love having her in kindy, she's flourished since being there both in education and social interactions :-)

So we went for our NT scan a day early since there was a cancellation and they offered it to us. All looks perfect. My gender guess is a girl based on nub and skull theory but then we saw something which could be manly, too hard to tell though. They don't tend to do gender early here so we will wait til the anatomy scan for the official results.

I didn't want to find out originally and could still happily go without but significant other wants to know and I'm happy to go either way.

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Reply by WinterLJ » Aug. 25, 2016 5:09pm

Welcome to the group Yummy! There's another group in the sister website that's a bit more active than this one. but, yes, let's get this going. Congratulations with the new addition to your family!

I did my NT scan and Harmony NIPT back early August. Everything turned out good and since we did Harmony, we found out we're having a girl. We didn't have to wait for the anatomy scan. I just passed my 14 week marker and waiting for the symptoms to die down. I woke up at 2 am this morning with stomach pain and so I messaged my OB asking if this is normal. It's nice how he responded early morning right away telling me that it's more likely that it is round ligament pain as my uterus is expanding and moving out of my pelvis. I love how my OB is always reachable - I think I got lucky.

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Reply by nreiselpn » Oct. 20, 2016 4:50pm

Hello ladies what a quite group...lol hope everyone is doing well. I still have nausea nightly but have been feeling pretty well. I go in a few weeks to check my fluid levels and placenta prevea...keeping my fingers crossed. How's everyone else.

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