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Category: Trimesters - First Trimester
Posted by dgdtstanley » Nov. 3, 2016 4:18pm

Hello Ladies and babies how are yall doing today? Well see i have not been sleeping good and am tired all the time I have a full time job and a 2 year old and a 3 year old. I can not sleep at night i stay up late trying to get comfy and wake early as my husband leaves for work at 6am kids are up by 8am. Does any one elsa have this problem and how do i fix it. Tell me your story we can all stay up and not sleep together. lol if i can sleep i will sleep.

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Reply by panchal » Sep. 8, 2017 1:03pm

I am new in this forum and just read your post. I am glad that I am the first one to reply to your post. Lady, you are not the only one to wake up early and follow a strict tiresome routine. My routine is also like you. I think most of us have a busy schedule. That’s why we are called “super ladies” nowadays. My mother was also a working woman but, now she is retired and can relax now. I am also following the steps of my mother and inherited all her no-relax, no-peace traits. Out of all, what I regret the most is that I can’t find my spare time. Since I am married, I felt like I have entered into a no-relax zone. Ohh.. I am really too tired of my monotonous schedule. I badly need a break. Maybe, a week off will be just enough for me. Tomorrow, I will apply a week off and I hope it would be granted soon. My fingers are crossed.

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Reply by Loris201 » Aug. 21, 2018 7:55pm

Hey. I completely agree with you. Such moments happen to me.
Of course, everyone gets tired sometimes, and often bounces back after a quick rest or a good night's sleep. However, if fatigue attacks occur more often and for longer, you should not ignore them.
This type of fatigue can affect your health in many ways. You can have less energy for exercise. You may have trouble concentrating, stay alert and remember things. You can easily get angry and become more socially isolated.
Fatigue can also signal a state of health
It can be like I have Anemia. This happens when your blood has too little red blood cells or these cells have too little hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen through the bloodstream. The result is a decrease in energy levels.
 Still there can be a Heart disease. Heart disease can lead to the heart refusing blood less efficiently and leading to fluid in the lungs. This can cause shortness of breath and reduce the supply of oxygen to the heart and lungs, making you tired.
 Sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in your breathing, often for a few seconds or a shallow breathing during sleep. It is common among the elderly and overweight people. Another problem related to sleep is the overactive bladder, which makes it necessary to repeat night trips to the sauna. Any of them can disturb your sleep so that you feel tired during the day.
 Some medications can make you feel tired, such as blood pressure medications, statins, antidepressants, antihistamines, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cold medications. People react to drugs in different ways, and they often end up taking more when they get older.
Consult your doctor, especially if you have added a new drug or recently increased the dosage.
 Mental health issues often deplete energy levels. You can suffer from depression or anxiety and not even know about it.
I use some simple ways to increase the energy level
Have a cup of coffee or tea. She says that a little caffeine can start your day.
Walk away in 30 minutes.
Take a nap. Everyday sleep can help overcome fatigue later in the day.
Good luck to you.

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