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Anyone else pregnant with twins

Category: Special - Pregnant With Twins or More
Posted by waitingonmyrainbow » Dec. 28, 2016 7:13am

So the Lord blessed us woth two babies this time. After everything going that has happened to me on the last 2 years and 6 months. 1 early Mc , blighted ovum, missed miscarriage and an ectopic. We are getting two babies. The Dr can't seem to find the second one but he sees something and then it's gone but we seen the twin 1 heartbeat. Going back next week for yet another sonar

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Reply by anjaliSha » Aug. 24, 2017 4:01am

Hi welcome sister. I am here for you to provide valuable information to clear all your doubts regarding twin baby. I also face same problem like you in my life. This is golden opportunity for me to help on basis of my personal life experience to overcome this horrible situation in your life. I want to congratulation for your twin baby possibility. There are 5% women all over the world who have twin baby all over the world. You are one of the lucky women so you should celebrate this golden unforgettable moment in your life. It is good news that you are aware about your health. I want to express kind heart thanks to my husband to provide proper help at this horrible situation in my life. We consult with popular gynecologist of Ukraine to clear all doubt regarding twin baby. I want to suggest you some effective tips and tricks that is very powerful to cure your problem and doubts in easy and effective way.
It is good idea to start your planning with positive attitude that reduce your stress and depression at this critical stage of your life. The most important thing is to provide proper nutrition value to you and your baby to growth smoothly. You should not underestimate the power of healthy balanced diet. You should give preference to healthy lifestyle that is very necessary to provide proper blood supply to all organ of body to create win-win situation for you. You can start with easy exercise and morning walk and can go higher level to enjoy maximum benefit in limited time period. You should goes under proper check up the health status of you and your baby. You should select appropriate posture of sitting and sleeping that has less pressure on your baby bump.

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Reply by MarlenS » May. 11, 2018 10:53am

Hi! How is it going? Twins are wonderful. Even one child is beyond gladness and responsibility.
Twins are double feeling.
It’s hard but so lovely to take it. I can’t know how I would feel without that gift.
Actually I couldn’t be pregnant with them. I’m completely unable to give birth. Hope my children will forgive me for that.
I tried hard but nothing was helpful. My surrogate was pregnant WITH MY TWINS. She was big, really big.
I thought she felt bad all the time. It’s so exhausting to bear such a heavy fruit inside. In fact she said her own baby boy had approximately the same weight as two of mine.

That’s fine. Now we grow and seem so active. Anyway I think twin pregnancy is tiring so much.
You do everything to protect the belly. When they are in there together they’re certainly a bit weaker. Nevertheless, she gave birth to healthy boys.
I can’t express my full gratitude. I’m so pleased. Well done, that’s what I’m able to say after all.
Most of all I’d love to experience such an incredible even. I’m not afraid of anything related to pregnancy. Maybe it’s so because I can’t get pregnant.
I don’t know for sure. Let god give you strong health. Perhaps it’s the most important for mother and children.

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Reply by queenofspain111 » 32 weeks ago

I will pray for you! Give birth to healthy twins should be the best thing ever!

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