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My husband conditions are worrying

Category: Due Date Clubs - January
Posted by enginee » Jul. 23, 2017 11:24am

My husband conditions are worrying. He has blocked ducts and we don’t know what we will do. After marrying for eleven years we would try to get kids but we couldn’t. The sperms couldn’t course through his reproductive organs. I suffered a hell of a time and however much we tried, nothing seemed to give an answer to his condition. Should we go for IVF cycle? That is what was clicking in our minds. The tubal scarring had been caused by failed vasectomy reversals. This created irreparable obstructions to sperm flow from the testicles. We tried to try microsurgical techniques but none seemed to work. Everyone in our family wanted to avoid us. Stress could end up piling on us without an iota of an idea what to do. I even was forced to go seek for fertility treatments to ascertain I was not the originality of the problem. I never divorced my husband but kept strong as usual. We are now in a fix and in total disagreement whether to go for sperm donation. My husband had suffered a lot and he doesn’t have an objection towards that. Can it solve our problem?

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Reply by gradele » Aug. 11, 2017 4:43am

Blocked ducts can cause easy fertilization of the egg. It can be stressing as the ducts can distend and cause a lot of strain to the blood vessels. All I can advise you is to take it easy. For the case with your husband, I can really try to imagine the pain he has been going through. I know it is very paining than that of the blocked ducts in a lady. I am not sure whether you have ever heard of BioTex clinic. I am really touched by your husband’s condition and his condition is leading to your inner suffering. You should never be worried again. All I can advise you first before taking any other step is to see a specialized doctor who will treat your husband. If this can’t work, that is the time you should now opt for other means of fertility treatment. Divorce can’t work at all. What matters the most is the ability to discern the best method to use to overcome the problem. Try to help your husband to seek the best fertility treatment. Especially for your case, I would request you to go for sperm donation. It would be wise and I would advise you to go to BioTex and you will never regret. This will offer a temporary solution as you await your husband’s wellness. Just try that and don’t forget to update us about your status after visiting the clinic. I wish you well.

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