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infertility issues

Category: Special - Miscarriage & Loss
Posted by averyhold » Dec. 7, 2017 5:30am

Every time I was looking for some miracle to happen. But it didn’t. I saw many ladies who conceived even after their infertility issues. I was not jealous about it. I was getting more stressed. Because I am perfectly fertile. Still cannot be a mother of my own baby. How cruel is that. Fate has not shown justice with me. I have a heart disease. It is known as Mitral stenosis. The doctor says that I cannot become a mother with this disease in me. I can even die if I try to do so. I think I should die then. There is nothing left in this world for me. I do not know why I am even here on this forum. Just had a thought in mind. That is why I shared my story here. Hoping after hope. All is that I can do.

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Reply by aprilluvsmoz » Dec. 12, 2017 3:30pm

Hi Avery,

I am so sorry about your diagnosis. I am sorry you are in a bad place right now. If you don't agree with your doctors diagnosis go and get another opinion. Continue to keep hope and everything will fall into place as it needs to. Best of luck on your journey.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Feb. 4, 2019 8:05pm


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Reply by Hannahh123 » Oct. 12, 2019 5:32pm

Hey dont be so hard on yourself. I am sure things will get better. You just have to be strong and positive. Life is hard but things will get better. I would suggest you visit a specialist. Someone who is experienced and knows how things are carried out. This will have a positive influence on your process. This is something I experienced and I am actually really happy now.

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Reply by Kate141 » Oct. 15, 2020 10:58am

We are almost in the same situation. You are fertile, but you can't give birth because of your disease, and I'm infertile at all. It took about 5 years for me to accept IVF as a good way out.
I'm sure you should also think about it. If that is the question of money, it's possible to find a good clinic with cheap services. I found it in Ukraine and now I'm almost a mother.

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