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Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by arabella12 » Mar. 21, 2018 5:49pm

"Hey everyone. I want some suggestions for my friend. She is an infertile and thus wants other ways to have her own baby.
She has also gone through IVF as well and she has a daughter of 1 year. Now she wants another baby through IVF. But the problem is that she is suffering from heart disease. In such situation should she carry on with IVF for the second child? She is also consulting doctor as well but want some suggestions who also had gone through such phase."

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Reply by SelenaJones » Mar. 23, 2018 12:38am

Hi there. Well, yes! I think in that case surrogacy would be a better option...If she is not eligible for an IVF. So, yeah! Wish you all the best! I hope it goes great with her. Recently my cousin sister also had her procedure of surrogacy successfully done at a center of reproduction in Ukraine. So, yes! I've seen it successful...I'd definitely endorse it for someone else. So, yeah! Wish her all the best! xoxo

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Reply by karen121 » Mar. 23, 2018 5:45pm

Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. I think your friend should consult her clinic first. If IVF is not an option why not try surrogacy. I got married in 2009. I have had three miscarriages since then. I had lost all hope to become a mother. Then I was told about a Ukraine based clinic by a former colleague. They informed us about surrogacy. We were reluctant in the beginning. Nevertheless, we took our chances. Now I am blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I wish that everyone gets blessed with children. I wish her all the best. Love!

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Reply by jennyjoe » Mar. 25, 2018 9:49am

Hi! I think it's great your friend went with IVF. I'm sorry for her condition now. It seems it could offer to be quite a complication. I'd advise her to get a few doctors' opinions. If it seems difficult, she should look into surrogacy. Speaking from experience, I can say it'll go great. Wishing her all the best!

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Reply by monika123 » Mar. 25, 2018 7:25pm

I think it would be extremely dangerous for her and the baby. I know a relative of mine who went for TTC. Despite suffering from a heart disease. The end result was horrible as she had to abort the baby. The problem didn't attend there. As her own condition even got worse. therefore, it will be extremely risky for her to undergo IVF. She should look into surrogacy. As she is producing healthy eggs. The embryos can be made out of her egg and DH's sperm. The process is pretty simple if one is patient. As their embryos will be placed into the uterus of a surrogate. Therefore biologically the baby will be theirs. The clinic I have been going to for the process has made my experience amazing. As they are very considerate and extremely professional.

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Reply by BarbaraGarman » Mar. 26, 2018 12:48am

Hello ladies.Yes, she has but might be not.It's confusing myself to telling you that it's better for you or not.Actually, I don't want that your friend taking any risk of herself.So, I think surrogacy is quite better and good for her.I would suggest that you are telling her about this process.In this, there is no confusion and no scaring condition.Without any risk and trouble, she had her second baby.Just need not to take lit bit tension.It's not good for her.I am sending prayers and baby dust to her.I knew she is doing great and earlier have good news.Not to be scared and worried about anything.try to stress-free herself and keep trying.Best wishes.

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Reply by emma_grey » Mar. 26, 2018 4:23pm

Hey lady! Sorry to hear about her heart disease. This made me sad. May GOD bless her with good health. She had already a daughter through IVF, that sounds good to hear. But heart disease is creating hurdle in the way. Desiring for the children is the basic right of any couple and having them in your hands is the biggest pleasure. She can still go through IVF if she sounds healthy. Any kind of pregnancy requires good health and mental stability. Due to heart disease, having a chemical pregnancy would be harmful for both mother and child. Chemical pregnancy consumes a lot of bodies. If she gets diagnosed, she will still face problems. So better option is surrogacy, having a child by involving surrogate mother. The surrogate child will be all hers genetically. There are many clinics around the world offering surrogacy at bearable prices and some are very appreciated by the customers to fulfill their words. So I will recommend surrogacy to be the best option left. Thanks!

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Reply by rihana012 » Jul. 7, 2018 12:02pm

I am so sorry. This is so hard. Well, I think IVF is not the right option. IVF is painful. As you said she is a heart patient. I think surrogacy would be best. She should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is safe to process. It is not painful at all. I hope this would help you. I have no more worries now.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jul. 7, 2018 12:37pm

If she was able to have a baby safely for the first time through IVF then I think IVF would work. However, if she just got diagnosed with a cardiac disease then it would be better for her to avoid. This is mainly for her own safety and the child's. It is really important to be safe. IVF will involve shots and a lot of medication. Will those be safe for her? I guess all these questions can really be answered by a fertility specialist. I think most are going to suggest surrogacy. It is a safer way of having a baby that is biologically yours. I hope her confusion is soon resolved. Best of luck to her. Tell her not to panic. The doctors are definitely going to help her. Just make sure to visit a doctor with good years of experience. Sending baby dust her way.

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Reply by stella009 » Jul. 7, 2018 1:37pm

Hi. I am so sad for her. This must be so tough time. My friend has failed infertility. My friend has faced it for 7 years. She was devastated. She went for IVF but no luck. Later she went for surrogacy. She has a baby now. I am so happy. I think surrogacy would be best.

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Reply by Isla28 » Jul. 7, 2018 6:19pm

I think surrogacy is good for her. Surrogacy is less painful. It is also mostly successful. She won't face any difficulty in this method. I have also a baby through surrogacy. I visited Europe for this process. I have a baby now. Thanks to surrogacy.

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Reply by Emily28 » Jul. 7, 2018 7:41pm

Well, I would suggest you surrogacy. IVF is some sort of risky and painful.. If you choose surrogacy it will go fine. Although it is a different procedure but this only options to have your own babies. You have to find the best clinic for surrogacy. Clinic plays major roles in surrogacy. If you choose the best clinic it will give you best results. I would suggest her a cinic in Europe. I wish that everything will be in your favour.

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Reply by FeliciaRay » Jul. 8, 2018 1:12am

Hey, I am really sorry to know about your friend's infertility. IVF might affect her heart condition if it can get severe at times or if she has a really weak heart. So another similar alternative would be surrogacy. I hope you find that beneficial. :)

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Reply by Amelia » Jul. 8, 2018 8:56am

it sounds bad to me. I am really sorry for her loss. I will do what I can. But ask her not to disappoint. Whenever she feels panic and disappointment look at her daughter. Believe me, there is not a single thing which makes you feel better and comfort than your kids. you have gotten one kid whom you can share your sorrows and troubles. My best wishes and prayers are with her. But she has to be brave enough. ask her to adopt a kid. Mostly clinics go through surrogacy while a patient is a heart patient. They examine your reports and according to them, they make decisions. I made the experience with one of the clinic. They said chances are there. This depends on your level of disease. How much long duration you are involved in this disease.

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Reply by amenda12 » Jul. 8, 2018 9:21am

Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing well. I think a doctor would consult better. I personally think in case of this disease, surrogacy would be a better option. I wish she goes for a procedure which is best for her. She should be hopeful. You should be there to give her support. My friend did her IVF from a clinic in Europe. The results were successful. IVF is a great procedure. I also prefer it, though the success rate is less than surrogacy. In the case of your friend, IVF might not be suitable because of the disease. Surrogacy is also good. I wish her good luck.

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Reply by Isla28 » Jul. 8, 2018 10:51am

I think surrogacy is good for her. Surrogacy is less painful. It is also mostly successful. She won't face any difficulty in this method. I have also a baby through surrogacy. I visited Europe for this process. I have a baby now. Thanks to surrogacy.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jul. 8, 2018 12:57pm

I think she should be careful. She is suffering from a cardiac disease therefore, it would be dangerous. I will suggest what you have suggested. she should opt for surrogacy. It is a highly successful process. Also, this way she will be able to have a child which will be safe for her. Best of luck to her. Do keep us posted.

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Reply by emmajoe303 » Jul. 8, 2018 2:29pm

Hey there, i hope you are awesome. I think surrogacy is beneficial for her. Surrogacy is less agonizing. It is likewise generally effective. I have additionally a child through surrogacy. I went by Ukraine for this procedure. I have an infant now. So, I'll suggest you to not waste your time and money in some average clinic, visit Ukraine best clinic of the world BioTexCom with best services. Love for you <3 :)

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Reply by lidya2 » Jul. 9, 2018 7:55am

Surrogacy is the best option as compared to the other. It involves less pain and has guaranteed results. No doubt surrogacy is a time taking process. But when it comes to safety then surrogacy takes the place. It is a sure shot and gives the best possible positive results. It gives you the most satisfying outcomes and is secure enough as compared to the other methods. So I suggest that going for surrogacy will be a good decision. But it opting for surrogacy and then search for the clinic is the real deal. Anyway, good luck.

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Reply by joshien » Jul. 9, 2018 12:42pm

What a nice lovely person you are! Caring this much for your friend, we appreciate. she has other options. I would recommend that she should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is an easy and Simple process. It is neither risky nor the intended parents face any problems. But this doesn't seem IVF becomes out of the question for her. She should do whatever her doctor suggest her to do.

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Reply by iniki6523 » Jul. 9, 2018 4:06pm

Hi there, hope you are doing good. I am sorry about your friend. I know she must be going through a lot. There are some good clinics in Europe. You can also visit them. I think surrogacy is a better way. In this, you have a child of your own DNA. I went for IVF but it failed. So, I am going for surrogacy now. Thank you. Best of luck.

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