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Joined Jul. 31, 2015 7:24am

SarahEMcCormick's Pregnancy

My Due Date: March 20, 2016
I have given birth!
Age: 38 years old
Location: Ft Myers, United States

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About Me

I am a 31 year old mom of 4, expecting my 5th (yes, 5th!) and final baby.

Just found out July 29th, 2015, that we are expecting our new addition by means of 2 HPT's, and then got a confirmation from the doctor on July 30th, 2015.

I couldn't be happier or more excited. This baby is a blessing!

I'm a writer and blogger by profession, and I'm also a Paralegal (AAS) and Notary.

I live in South West Florida, and I am originally a Massachusetts native.

Important Dates:

July 13th - OV took place
July 29th - First positive preg test
July 30th - Dr. confirmed pregnancy via testing
July 31st - broke the news to hubby
August 25th - 1st OBGYN appt with my Midwife - so excited/nervous! *UPDATE: Had doctor's appointment moved sooner, to the 18th, due to my blood sugar being a bit high and I'm concerned. I'm pre-diabetic and I test daily; I haven't liked my numbers much. So, the 18th it is!
August 18th- First Ultrasound/Prenatal Appt - as of right now, everything looks great! Waiting for bloodwork results to determine what to do as far as diabetes is concerned. Prayers, please!
September 9th - Appt set up to sit and have a meeting to discuss first round of bloodwork and potential gestational diabetic needs - also, sitting with financial counselor to discuss testing options which are available to me for the pregnancy and which are and are not covered by my insurance. Also, getting a pap the same day.
September20th - Rushed to ER with heavy vaginal bleeding; turns out, I have a Subchorionic Hemorrhage (SCH) and I am currently on bedrest. This is the scariest thing I've ever gone through. Praying my sweet baby makes it through this.
October 7th - all bleeding and discharge from SCH was officially over!!
October 30th - We find out our baby's gender! ITS A BOY!

My Birth Plan

I’d like the following people to be in the room during labor and/or birth:
Husband: Richi McCormick

I have planned my delivery to be:

During labor I’d like:
My husband to be present the whole time, As few interruptions as possible, No students, residents or interns present, My partner to take pictures and videos, To eat and drink when it is approved by a doctor

I’d like to spend the first stage of labor:
Standing up, Sitting up, Walking around, In the shower, In the bath tub

I’d like to try the following pain-relief techniques:
Bathing/Showering, Breathing techniques, Massage, Only what I request at the time

During pushing/delivery I would like to:
Push as and when I want to, Push without time pressures, Avoid forceps usage, Avoid vacuum extraction, Let my husband catch the baby

Immediately after delivery I would like:
My husband to cut the umbilical cord, to have skin to skin time for at least one hour and breast feed within the hour. Also, any and all tests which are to be performed will be done in my hospital room, as the staff is able. I do not want my son to be taken from my hospital room unless medically necessary. I do *NOT* want there to be any formula given to my baby, pacifiers given, or water given to him at any point unless medically necessary.

If I have a C-Section I would like:
A second opinion, To stay conscious, My husband to remain at my side at all times, My hands left free to hold the baby, My husband to hold the baby as early as possible, To breastfeed in the recovery room

I would like to hold the baby:
Immediately after delivery, skin to skin

For feeding the baby I would like to:
Breastfeed exclusively

I’d like my baby’s first bath to be given:
By me, By my husband

I’d like the baby to stay in my room:
At all times

If we have a boy I’d like:
To have him circumcised at the hospital

My Personal/Family Photos

Profile Comments for SarahEMcCormick (13)

Comment from adiggs » Posted Jun. 26, 2016 8:43am
I hope things are going well for you!

Comment from stephc2010 » Posted Feb. 27, 2016 8:47pm
Congratulations on your baby boy! Hoping you get to take him home soon!

Comment from SarahEMcCormick » Posted Jan. 7, 2016 6:35am
pbc910 - that's awesome though! I really admire twin moms. I don't know how you do it! I suppose you just take one day at a time. What a special blessing though! I hope everything is still going well for you xox

Comment from SarahEMcCormick » Posted Jan. 7, 2016 6:34am
Hi lala! How have you been, girlie? I am doing awesome. What happened to you on Preggie? I know I saw you over there - at least, I think I did :/ Are you still on the app? How are you doing?

Comment from SarahEMcCormick » Posted Jan. 7, 2016 6:33am
hey Summer! Glad you liked my birth plan, and feel free to use any ideas you have seen on mine on your own! Glad I could provide inspiration :) Everything is going fantastic! Thank you for checking in!

Comment from lala_0412 » Posted Dec. 28, 2015 11:45am
Hope all is well with you! xoxo

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