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Joined Feb. 10, 2015 4:14pm

SheisMrsCarter's Pregnancy

My Due Date: I suffered a pregnancy loss
Age: 35 years old

My Journal

Cervical Length Check
Posted Jan. 4, 2017 9:52am - 264 views - 0 comments
So next week 1/12 I go for my first official cervical length check! I can't wait to see where I'm at. The last ER visit I had it showed my cervix was actually longer at 3.94 cm than what I was before ... [Read more]
NT Scan
Posted Dec. 23, 2016 1:48pm - 236 views - 1 comment
So I went for my NT scan yesterday @3p! Was so happy to see little Carter in there again,....but he u/s tech was a complete B****! Out of all of my experiences I've never had someone that freaking rud... [Read more]
I had a bad scare yesterday...
Posted Dec. 20, 2016 1:33pm - 286 views - 2 comments
I wake up to get dressed for work around 5 am CT and my urine was all red. COMPLETELY.FREAKED. OUT!!! I called Nurse Direct, who called my doctor, who called me back, but she didn't seem too concerned... [Read more]
Posted Dec. 14, 2016 4:01pm - 282 views - 2 comments
I'm pretty sure that has everything to do with those pesky hormones that's keeping me pregnant, but the level of irritability is out of this world. I don't remember it being this bad before, but it co... [Read more]
The Aftermath
Posted Dec. 7, 2016 12:08pm - 425 views - 1 comment
So I got my cerclage on 12/2 YAYYYY!! Everything went well. I really appreciate everyone who wished us well and prayed for us through this procedure. It went A WHOLE LOT better than I anticipated. F... [Read more]
So tomorrow is the big day
Posted Dec. 1, 2016 12:47pm - 242 views - 3 comments
Tomorrow is stitch day and also marks the one year anniversary of my baby Royale's early arrival. Tomorrow will definitely be bittersweet for my husband and I but we will definitely be celebrating bot... [Read more]
My Cerclage Story
Posted Nov. 18, 2016 4:00pm - 594 views - 4 comments
So, I go in on 12/2 to get my cerclage done, which I will be 10w4d!! YES, you read it right 10W4D! My doctor has recommended that since all of MC results from testing have come back perfectly fine, as... [Read more]
My doctor's appt
Posted Nov. 2, 2016 10:23pm - 270 views - 2 comments
Soooo I had my doctor's appointment yesterday, who will actually be doing my cerclage procedure. Turns out my MFM specialist who recommended me to get my cerclage at 10 weeks, also has residency there... [Read more]