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Joined Feb. 22, 2018 11:45am

Celine's Pregnancy

My Due Date: July 28, 2018
I have given birth!
Age: 31 years old
Location: France

My Journal

Roman Christophe is our son's name
Posted Jul. 9, 2018 4:38pm - 553 views - 3 comments
One of my husband's friends visited us and discussed with us about the movie Where the Heart Is, which I have never seen before, about choosing names. After her visit, we thought over and settled on R... [Read more]
Please help me: should I come up with a new name or just stick Roman Christophe?
Posted Jul. 7, 2018 1:31am - 293 views - 3 comments
Three of who I know don't approve of Roman Christophe and suggest that I should go with Robert Christophe or Ryan Christophe. Should my husband and I still go with Roman Christophe anyways? ... [Read more]
Our baby boy is here! *UPDATE*
Posted Jul. 6, 2018 2:22pm - 479 views - 13 comments
I will post an announcement on here soon. My husband and I are still trying to decide on a name and need help. Our beautiful baby boy is healthy and well. I'm looking forward to posting the annou... [Read more]
My water broke thirty-one minutes ago and I'm at the hospital.
Posted Jul. 5, 2018 4:50pm - 333 views - 8 comments
Please comment as much as you can. I need you all. I'm freaking out so bad ... [Read more]
Is anyone having trouble sleeping at night in their third trimester?
Posted Jul. 3, 2018 5:19pm - 318 views - 7 comments
For the past couple of days, I've been having trouble falling asleep and then waking up in the middle with the baby's kicking. It happened again today at 1 in the morning and I'm just so ready to have... [Read more]
Baby News Update!
Posted Jul. 1, 2018 8:31pm - 263 views - 0 comments
So, I may have this baby towards the end of 36 weeks or when I'm 37 weeks. That's what my doctor told me and my husband at our appointment. I'm so excited and so nervous. My husband and I got very emo... [Read more]
My husband and I are on our way to the hospital - is it too early?
Posted Jun. 29, 2018 9:02pm - 350 views - 7 comments
I'm going to be 36 weeks pregnant this weekend but I haven't gone into labor yet. Is is still too early to go to hospital to be prepared to deliver? Or is it the right timing? I'm still so nervous!!! ... [Read more]
I'm so nervous!!!
Posted Jun. 29, 2018 7:18pm - 568 views - 18 comments
This is my first baby and I'm so nervous and anxious. My husband has been such a saint with me ever since I announced to him that I was pregnant. I'm still anxious of what gender baby I'm really havin... [Read more]