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stillfuntryin's Pregnancy

My Due Date: June 29, 2016
I have given birth!
Age: 36 years old
Location: Australia

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Baby is here!
By stillfuntryin » Posted Jun. 30, 2016 5:19pm - 1138 views - 7 comments

So i thought I had better update thanks to Sticky bean for reminding me lol
My baby girl was born via a planned C section on the 23rd June at 9:40 am.
Once delivered we found out she has a cleft in her soft palate that will prevent her from breastfeeding and feeding from a normal bottle, i am expressing every 3hrs and to ping up with formula, when I had my c section the anesthesiologist put morphine in my spinal which made bub very sleepy and unable to feed for the first 2 days and by the time that wore off the jaundice had kicked in and she was constantly asleep only getting 20ml per feed max, she was looking ok so we were discharged on day 5, on day 6 she developed a cough and on top of no feeding, no wet nappies and very lethargic we ended up back in hospital, when we left hospital the first time her bilirubin levels were acceptable but we're sky high when we got back a day later, she was treated for 9hrs and we have been keeping an eye on those levels ever since as tgey were creeping up again yesterday, her cough has turned into a fully blown cold and she needs suctioning frequently, so my poor baby has had a horrible start to life! She is looking more yellow again today but I hope her levels are ok....
So her details are:
Khloe Rose Born 23rd June weighing 10 lb 2 1/2 Oz ( i know huge right!)
She will require surgery for her cleft around Christmas time but for now I just hope she recovers quickly

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Jul. 14, 2016 8:00pm
Aw congrats. I'm sorry your having a rough time. Lovely name, enjoy, I bet big brother is excited x

Comment from phatgurl » Posted Jul. 9, 2016 3:15pm
Congratulations! I hope she feels better soon and the surgery goes well.

Comment from sunshinebear711 » Posted Jul. 3, 2016 7:12pm
Oh my goodness!!! Big girl!! Hopefully things calm down for all of you soon. :-)

Comment from Bostonmama08 » Posted Jul. 1, 2016 8:40pm
Congrats!! Love her name!

Comment from pbc910 » Posted Jul. 1, 2016 9:07am
Congratulations! Hopefully things begin to calm down soon and baby girl starts to feeling better.

Comment from josamarie » Posted Jul. 1, 2016 12:12am
Congratulations on her birth and I hope she is feeing better very quickly!

Comment from WaitingwithHope » Posted Jun. 30, 2016 10:01pm
Congratulations!!! Poor thing! Glad she is here and doing as well as she is!

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