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GemGem's Pregnancy

My Due Date: July 26, 2013
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

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By GemGem » Posted May. 18, 2013 5:58am - 233 views - 0 comments

30 weeks+1 and im about ready now to have this little lady. i feel frustrated now its getting hard to move about and get comfortable. I guess im lucky as last night was the first time she has woken me up with her movements..

Still not taking to my family and i wonder if it will ever get sorted. I feel i cant even face them, I dont know what to say??? why should i have to explain even more about how they talk to me like crap.. People seem to think that because they are your family, you should put up with it. I dont think they will ever change as they dont see what they have done wrong. meh..

Anyway. only 9 weeks 6 days to go and it couldnt come sooner! I want her in my arms i want to dress her in her pretty clothes, i want my OH to have his bonding time with her and our DS to meet his new sister. 40 weeks feels so long! and it could even be an extra 2 weeks after that before she actually arrives!

from 29 week i wont see any medical professional for 6 weeks! not even the midwife.. Im a little concerned as i have preeclampsia with my first pregnancy. The midwife still thinks my blood pressure doesn't need to be monitored. even when i have blurred vision and see stars occasionally..

Another problem is our bank. they want my partner to pay his £500 overdraft off and we barely ever out of our overdrafts.... if anyone that reads this doesn't have one, DONT ever get one!! We were fine for cash before this... STUPID bank!!

Im trying my hardest not to stress but life feels so hard lately. Im making a big deal out of everything and i just cant help it. Im so sensitive, tired, uncomfortable. With all the family business going on and money worries I would very much like to crawl in a dark hole of late. Im just hope when the baby is born things will settle and i will feel better. Meh, hormones.....

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