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emma~joey~and~baby's Pregnancy

My Due Date: May 1, 2012
I have given birth!
Age: 33 years old
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Well, so much for staying on the Green Team!
By emma~joey~and~baby » Posted Dec. 10, 2011 10:43pm - 300 views - 1 comment

We had our 20w scan on Thursday, December 8th. After arguing for months about whether or not we would find out the gender, I FINALLY convinced David that we should keep it a surprise. Literally...the decision was made in the car pulling into the parking lot of the doctor's office! We got back into the u/s room, and the first thing the tech asked was if we were finding out the gender, and David stepped up and said no! I was so proud! So, imagine my surprise when the tech said, "let's just see how baby's laying" and baby was apparently laying spread-eagle in front of the u/s wand! lol I knew what we were having within 5 seconds of the scan. We went through the rest of the scan and everything looks great! Baby was measuring a little big (a week ahead in pretty much all the measurements), but I was expecting that. I have big kids! Baby weighed in at 11oz, which is what Joey weighed at his 20w scan. However, I was over a week farther into my pregnancy when I had Joey's 20w scan! Joey was 8lbs. 10.5oz, and doc has already advised us to plan for a little bit bigger baby this time around. Baby was adorable, VERY acitive, gave a cute little baby yawn and I even witnessed a full sommersault! When we were done, I told David that I knew what we were having, did he. He said he really didn't get to see enough because he was taking care of the kids while I was getting scanned, so he asked the tech what it was. She called Emma over and whispered it into her ear, and the Emma came up and proudly exclaimed, "it's a BOY baby!!" It was so cute!! As I grew up with two little brothers, I felt the need to give Emma a hug and apologize in advance! Everything looked great, although there were a few choroid plexus cysts on baby's brain. Doc is not concerned at all, and says some cysts are seen if an u/s is done before 20w. I'm not concerned either, but it means I get to see Baby again in 8w to make sure the cysts are gone! :) I went out that night and bought a couple of cute outfits, including a great coming home outfit! I have come to terms with the idea of having a girl and two boys, and I couldn't be more excited to meet this sweet little man! Emma had so much fun seeing baby on the u/s screen, and now she's even more in love than she was before! She gives "baby boy" a kiss before bed every night. She's such a good big sister! Joey is so lucky he's getting a brother to play with and destroy the house! Good thing Big Sister is here to keep them in line! ;)

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Comment from Samm0704 » Posted Dec. 10, 2011 11:51pm
Awe!! Congrads... I wanted this one to be a surprise, but he didn't.. It's his first and I know I would go nuts with him knowing and me not. lol Good luck <3

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