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My Due Date: July 23, 2015
I have given birth!
Age: 41 years old

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My monthly lvl 2 specialist appt today ..
By Julia01 » Posted Apr. 27, 2015 3:44pm - 381 views - 2 comments

Today I had my lvl 2 specialist appt for monthly growth check on baby and placenta check, bc at 16 weeks they found what they thought was a placenta lake. Well turn out after been seen a few times that's today's appt he said that actually I have bilobed placenta which means I have 2 placentas that are the same sz that are connected at the bottom but a pathway in between them .. WTH
Apparently it is rare and from what I've read happens in -4% of pregnancies . Bc my placentas are high the sono lady said their is no concern for vasa perva which is deadly and requires automatic c-section ... I will be asking the actual specialist next appt about the vasa , I just need a little reassurance when I called and asked , . I'm still concerned though bc I've read that I could have lots of hemorrhage at birth and if the doctor doesn't get all of both placentas I could end up with a DNC the next day or so after and Also read that every thing has to be moniter well to make sure one placenta doesn't sperate during labor/birth before she is born.. I'm really hoping my OB knows how to handle A bilobed placenta I've never even heard it this before , I have appt with him soon . ..
But the good news today is that she is growing prefect and for being 27w and 4 day she weighs 3lb and he said that is great !!! She is also in head down position all ready . My main concern is her I know I don't want to have a c-section I've never had one but if they think she will be in danger in anyway bc of this I will defiantly not take a chance on her safety !
Anyone else heard of bilobed placenta or have had one before ?

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Comment from Julia01 » Posted Apr. 29, 2015 8:34am
I'm happy to hear u are recovering well after ur ordeal.. I will be asking him quite a few question on next appt.
Seems like this pregnancy is going by fast, think I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow or next day !

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Apr. 27, 2015 10:10pm
Wow interesting, never herd of it Hun. I'm sure your OB will take excellent care of you. Just remember my csection was only a disaster as it was a category 1 emergency which is the highest level. I would imagine a scheduled csection would be a lot better and less dramatic. I'm recovered well after a week, it's just that initial first few days that's hard moving. Hey and as you said what best for you and Bub. I'm sure it'll all be great and carefully planned out. Can't belive your 27w I remember your 9dpo lol xx

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