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My Due Date: September 9, 2013
I have given birth!
Age: 42 years old
Location: South Africa

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Doctor's appointment and weaning
By tickingbean » Posted Jan. 24, 2013 1:59am - 381 views - 2 comments

We went to the doctor yesterday and saw the bean. Its heart was beating at 119bpm. I think my DD's was 160 at this point. I'm frustrated because the site erased all of her data when I started the new pregnancy, so it's hard to compare.

Anyway, its 4mm long and perfect. And, only one! I was starting to stress because my DH gave my SIL such a hard time during her pregnancy that she was having twins that I was afraid he'd jinxed us!

I was never queasy with DD, and have been the entire time with this one. And acne!!! My face is one giant pimple right now.

My doctor told me I needed to wean because the oxytocin can cause contractions. Everything that I read said that it is only a problem if you are at risk for miscarrying (which I'm not - at least not any more than any other pregnancy). So, now my husband is at me to wean. He hasn't exactly been the most supportive of my breastfeeding, as it embarrasses him. But, I'm not ready to wean. I made a goal of 1 year, and we are 3 months out. I'm not ready to add the hassle of buying formula, the extra 10 minutes to make a bottle at night when she's screaming, cleaning and sterilizing bottles. I'm tired enough as it is! I have a bunch of milk frozen that I could use, but it only solves the buying issue.

I don't want to discount his input, as he should have a say too. But, I've read up on the pros and cons and the issues surrounding it. He hasn't. If he did his own research, I might be more inclined to listen.

It's just frustrating because his family has been at me to wean from day 1 too. She gets a tooth "time to wean". She isn't sleeping perfectly "time to wean". yada yada yada.

Rant over. :(

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from tickingbean » Posted Jan. 24, 2013 8:10am
Thanks! You're brilliant!!! :)

Comment from Quartz3 » Posted Jan. 24, 2013 7:39am
You can still access the data on your last pregnancy - you only have to reactivate it in "your pregnancies". Then you can take a look at the data you entered, and reactivate your current pregnancy afterwards. It's not exactly a user-friendly solution, but it works!

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