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My Due Date: October 7, 2018
I have given birth!
Age: 38 years old

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Final MFM Appointment
By Mem401 » Posted Sep. 13, 2018 6:58pm - 553 views - 14 comments

Yes, today was my last MFM appointment! I've gained another 4 pounds. So that puts me at 13 pounds gained since I got pregnant. Not too bad. My blood pressure was slightly elevated. They also had the results of my 24 hour urine test I did. I do have preeclampsia. "Preeclampsia with no severe features" is what the doctor said. So she told me that I don't have to go on bed rest but that I should take it easy. She's also really glad we are going ahead and inducing next week.
The baby was doing good too. She still has good amniotic fluid levels. She passed her BPP with flying colors. And she is still head down, facing back, ready to go. They did a final growth scan too. She is estimated to weigh 6 pounds and 5 ounces which puts her in the 41st percentile. The doctor said that it hasn't been 3 weeks since our last growth scan so it could be very wrong, but since her measurement today was pretty much in line with all her previous measurements, it probably is pretty close. I think 6 lbs 5 ozs is pretty good for a 36+4 measurement.
Oh and Tuesday night I think I started losing my mucus plug. I had a big, tan, mucus blob that night. I noticed smaller blobs a few times yesterday, but this morning I passed another BIG blob of it and have passed a few smaller ones since then. I told the nurses about it and they felt like she will come this weekend on her own. That would figure with this baby. She seems to like doing things on her own time. So we will see.
I'm still amazed at how dilated I was Tuesday. I understand you can be at 2.5 for weeks or longer, but with this being my first pregnancy, I was just amazed.
Anyway...thank you all again for all the sweet comments! :) I'll update if anything changes and if not, I'll post Tuesday after I see the OB again.

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from Mem401 » Posted Sep. 18, 2018 8:58pm
I posted a new journal entry. :)

Comment from cmere84 » Posted Sep. 18, 2018 8:16pm
Well???? What's the scoop?

Comment from Mem401 » Posted Sep. 17, 2018 8:28pm
Still no baby! I did have one strong Braxton Hicks yesterday. It lasted 3 minutes, but then no more. I have an ob appointment at 1pm central tomorrow and should find out if I’ve dilated some more.

Comment from cmere84 » Posted Sep. 17, 2018 6:29pm
How did the weekend go? I'm assuming Maggie decided to stay in!

Comment from Mem401 » Posted Sep. 14, 2018 10:16pm
:) If they get more painful, I’ll go to L&D, but they are barely as painful as period cramps. I’m anxious too! So excited!

Comment from cmere84 » Posted Sep. 14, 2018 10:09pm
Well, then they might not be Braxton Hicks! Maybe are contractions! Super anxious to see that miracle baby!

Comment from Mem401 » Posted Sep. 14, 2018 9:47pm
Thank you! I think so too!

Comment from aprilluvsmoz » Posted Sep. 14, 2018 7:43pm
Good Luck that is amazing your body is already starting the process it makes the induction a little easier!

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