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My Due Date: March 17, 2016
I have given birth!
Age: 44 years old
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11 Weeks!
By Lolo1176 » Posted Aug. 27, 2015 12:41pm - 354 views - 2 comments

OMG! I just typed a long Journal entry and this stupid site logged me out, apparently while I was typing it. Definitely doesn't help my mood swings much...Grrrr! I usually know better and copy my work before I send it. I blame pregnancy brain. I wish this site worked like others and when you hit the back button it takes you back to your work. Again Grrrr!

OK. So let's try this again...and hopefully I don't lose everything a second time.

I can't believe I am in my 11th week! Yesterday I had my first official prenatal appt. Doc says I am healthy and baby is healthy. I had no idea what to expect but was hoping we would have another ultrasound. And we did! YAY! Got to hear the heartbeat! I had a hard time understanding that the swishing sound was the heartbeat...but according to DH it was. So I guess I did hear it. :)

The doc wants me to make an appt with a hematologist. So I have a call in but haven't heard back. I have a history of blood clots...granted it was over 8 years ago. But I have been on baby aspirin ever since. So now we find out if I need to be on a blood thinning shot or if the baby aspirin is enough. FX'd the baby aspirin is enough...lol.

My symptoms have so far been tolerable. I have also been on Diclegis to help with the nausea. And so far I have only had 2 boughts of bad nights like I mentioned in my previous post of constipation leading into diarrhea and throwing up in the garbage can. And it's weird it seems to be every other week. I will be curious to see if it continues to be an every other week type thing. And beside the the typical boob/nipple pain and back/hip aches...I have been super duper tired all the time. I could easily sleep for days if I allowed myself. And the only problems I have had while sleeping is the tinglies in my hand...mostly left. Doc suggested I buy the carpal tunnel wrist brace and use it at night. So I used it last night and it seemed to work. Only had a slight moment with my right hand but the left felt fine. :) She said the problem should go away after the pregnancy...she said it was due to swelling.

I have also been suffering from mood swings. For the most part they haven't been that bad except when it comes down my step-kids and their mother. Been getting annoyed easily with them these past couple weeks due to last minute schedule surprises. Drives me crazy! For example, last Thursday was when I was suffering from my 2nd bought of "sickness" I mentioned above. And all I kept thinking was at least I only have to be up early to let the kids in (I was watching them that day) and then we can go back to bed and I can relax all day. Nope, my stepdaughter tells me that morning that she has gymnastics and we have to leave at 10am and it goes to noon. Really?! Now she tells me?! This has been going on several times for the past 2 weeks from the kids and even their mom. I have been helping her out by watching the kids but sure would have been nice to know these changes earlier instead of the day or 2 before. Grrr! That is my BIGGEST pet peeve of all! I did take her but I should've said no, and taught her a lesson of telling me sooner that she still had gymnastics going. Originally she had told me that the week before was her last class. Needless to say I was pissed. Her brother had been pulling this crap for days telling me shit last minute...we had a long talk discussing this stuff with them both about telling us stuff that comes up as soon as they hear it. When I took her to her class I used that time to try and find some maternity jeans.

That's another thing...I am now at that awkward stage where nothing fits right. My own clothes don't fit and when I bought the jeans they fit until I washed them and now that I am wearing them more...well, I feel like I am constantly trying to pull them up. DH says I will grow into them soon enough. But it's annoying.


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Comment from Lolo1176 » Posted Aug. 27, 2015 1:01pm
LOL! Yep, I do have a couple long skirts that I can squeeze into. One has a stretchy band and the other is just well, stretchy. But this week it's been a bit too chilly to wear them. I tried to do the old rubberband trick with my other jeans but I felt like if I stretched up everyone would see my zipper wasn't fully closed...lol.

Comment from Basia30 » Posted Aug. 27, 2015 12:56pm
I can relate to your clothing proglems - seriously - nothing fits !!! Ok my shirts that are loose fit but that is about it.
Still trying to hide it at work for another 2-3 weeks ;)

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