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Mrsford2's Pregnancy

My Due Date: February 5, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 40 years old

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Another Appointment
By Mrsford2 » Posted Nov. 21, 2019 1:27am - 312 views - 0 comments

I’ve had so many appts the past couple weeks since finding out about the GD... I had the consultation at the diabetes clinic, then 2 days after that I had the 2 hour diabetes class where they gave me my monitor, taught me how to test my blood, and met with a dietician. Then the next week I had a follow up at the diabetes clinic where i saw the nurse, the dietician and the doctor. I have to go there every 2 weeks until I deliver. I absolutely despise the GD. Having to test my bllood 6 times a day, eat 6 times a day (which is torturous... I’m just not that hungry) and the appts that are about an hour from my house... it’s all making me it enjoy my last pregnancy and I’m pretty bitter about it . Today I had my local mat clinic appt and found out that my plan for a VBAC is out the window because they don’t want to induce me and they want this baby out before 39 weeks... so I’m being sent for another csection consultation. To top everything off, my son had croup 1.5 weeks ago, so we had an ER visit and then I got sick, and am still fighting it. It’s been a rough month or so. I’m onto appts at the mat clinic every 2 weeks now too so I have appts every week until delivery one week at mat clinic, next week at diabetes clinic and so on That is until I start weekly NSTs at 33/34 weeks. So yeah..: i feel like I’m going to living at doctors appts and hospitals until Jan when this little one arrives

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