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Vivid and terrifying dreams

Category: Trimesters - First Trimester
Posted by MrsBrower » Aug. 7, 2011 12:56pm

My dreams are killing me, they are so vivid and they seem only to be getting worse. And they never happy, rather always terrifying. I know vivid dreams are a common symptom, but this is ridiculous....

Last night for example, I THOUGHT I had woken up and was laying in bed, I got up to go to the bathroom and there was a huge clot and bright red blood, then I couldn't wake up hubby to take me to the hospital (in reality he DOES sleep super heavily....) It was then, that I woke up for real terrified, went I went to the bathroom everything was fine, but I was shaking and terrified. I woke up several more times after that thinking that there was blood. I've been having a lot of dreams similar to this, but this was the worst, I really thought I had been awake, like, I woke up in the dream- a dream in a dream... FREAKY!

There have been others too, about premature babies, babies unable to latch, and one dream where we were on the run for something and I had just given birth and couldn't carry both babies and had to leave my daughter behind. I woke up crying...

In another dream, my husband had taken a second job and was having an affair with a pretty young girl at that job because we haven't been able to have "enough" sex. I woke up crying and was cranky the whole day because of it. It was awful.

Every night is another vivid and horrible dream. I don't know what to do, and waking up doesn't help, either I'll jump back into the dream or another will take it's place. I don't always remember the dreams, but I remember being scared, and I wake up crying or whimpering far too often. It doesn't feel restful. I feel strung out and exhausted in the morning and it is really effecting my moods.

Are any other mommies to be having such bad dreams? Is there anything to be done?

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Reply by jkg9510 » Aug. 7, 2011 2:09pm

I'm 6 weeks today, and I've had the same recurring dream a few times a week since I found out at 3.5 weeks. In my dream I'm sleeping and I wake up to pee and when I pull down my undies there is blood. I usually start crying at this point and wake myself up. At some point a realize "Omg was it just a dream??" and run into the bathroom and check and everything is fine. It puts you in an anxious/nervous/worried mood all day long. I think we get these dreams because in our reality, this is our worst fear and it constantly in the back of our mind. They say your subconscious fears come out in your dreams. Hopefully they subside as our pregnancies progress! I hope you can get some good restful sleep with no dreams soon!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 7, 2011 2:45pm


I wouldn't call my fear of miscarriage subconscious, I fear it all day long. It's terrible. I'm trying not to freak out and be stressed about it, but it's really hard, and the dreams are really starting to effect my moods and I feel exhausted all the time. :(

I hope yours get better too!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 7, 2011 3:11pm

You know... I'm watching Dexter, maybe I should stop the Dexter re-cap, maybe I'll stop dreaming of blood....

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Reply by NewMommy07 » Aug. 7, 2011 10:01pm

I'm right there with you! Since I was about 5 weeks along I've been having horrible vivid nightmares. I had one where I went to the OB doctor and she would only use a stethoscope to listen for a heartbeat, then she walked out of the room. I was in there alone for a while freaking out and when she came back she informed me I'd still have 1 tube after the surgery and encouraged me to try to get pregnant again and I kept asking her what she was talking about! She told me I had an ectopic pregnancy and they had to remove my right tube and terminate and then I woke up. I've had the blood dreams too...almost every night!

It has to be all the stress of life, on top of the fact that we've waiting a long time for this baby and I'm terrified something is going to happen. I haven't slept in weeks thanks to all these dreams and my snoring hubby. I hope they stop soon :(

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 8, 2011 1:10pm

That's an awful dream!!!! I do think it has a lot to do with how long we've waited for this to come. I had two chemical pregnancies (that we know of) that ended in a TON of blood (AFTER getting a BFP) it was awful. I'm terrified of seeing blood...

To make matters worse, last night (after intercourse) I went to the bathroom and there was blood! More pink/ brown than red, but I still almost had a heart attack! I know it's "Normal" but it doesn't help. It stopped quickly but jeeze, I'll never escape the nightmares if these things happen while I'm awake too. :(

Good luck to you! I hope your dreams improve soon. We're almost to the "safe" zone, so maybe we can worry a little less!!!!

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Reply by Dreaming~Bermudian » Aug. 8, 2011 5:54pm

I may be able to help. I have a Masters degree in Sleep and Dream Studies and I am really passionate about dreams and their meanings.

First thing, I would be curious as to how far along you are?

There are a few things that mrsbrower said that caught my attention. One was the symbol of "blood". I know there is an increase of blood in our bodies during pregnancy, (often ending in a whole several lbs of excess.) This may be your subconscious telling you about this gain. The clot I wouldn't worry about as it may very well be preparing you for childbirth and the "cramping" that goes along with all of the things that happen during pregnancy and birth.

The other thing is, your dream had a "false awakening." I know they are horrible and I haven't had one in a long time. They are so realistic that it is scary when they happen for the first time. The good thing is that they really aren't common!

Lastly, Prenatal vitamins have a lot of vitamin B and B6. This vitamin is known to make dreams more vivid therefore making them easier to recall. Scary dreams seem more commonly remembered because of the fear they evoke. people tend to remember "nightmares" more then they do good dreams because it's easier to remember negative memories then positive ones.

During conception and shortly after, I had really violent dreams. I thought this was strange because normally these types of dreams happen to me when I'm menstruating. My theory is that there is total turmoil going on in my body which in response come out as scary /violent dream imagery... with having to do with blood etc.. I also dreamt about my boyfriend cheating and also about being back with an ex. I think that whatever fears may lie dormant in our psyche's are highlighted during pregnancy because we are in a very vulnerable place. We may also be afraid of how our bodies are changing and whether our partners will still find us as attractive.

Do try however to enjoy the good dreams that come your way and not to be fearful about going to sleep. You can also try checking out the following links"

and keep me posted!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Aug. 8, 2011 6:25pm

Thanks for such a detailed post!!!

To answer your question, I'll be 9 weeks on Wednesday.

I hadn't thought about the blood telling me about the increase of it in my body, though I know in my brain that my blood has increased in volume. I was so stuck on the fear of miscarriage.

I had no idea about b vitamins causing more vivid dreams either! But it makes sense, I have been having vivid dreams for awhile now (I've been taking extra b6 and the prenatals for about a year) just never so terrifying so constantly.

I do feel very vulnerable, and scared of not pleasing my husband. So I guess it all makes sense... Thanks. :)

I just wish there was something to be done about them!

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Reply by Dreaming~Bermudian » Aug. 9, 2011 3:16pm

Just the added consciousness should help. Try keeping a journal too, sometimes the scary images turn out to be the most insightful.

I am always happy to hear your dreams and give you feedback too.

Im telling you this is right up my alley!

As for me I dreamt last night that I was walking around with a cane! I needed to put it behind a cash register so that I could browse a shop. When i did that I noticed all sorts of gems and a foot on the bottom of the cane!!

I think my dream is telling me that i am lacking support from my partner right now. And that is exactly how I feel today!

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