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A Baby Boy or Girl?
Posted by newbritishmum » 7 weeks ago - 66 views - 0 comments
Morning sickness? Yes (1st week to 11 weeks and 5 days) Cravings? Still sweet...blimey I could eat a chocolate cake right now just bloody thinking about it! Lol! Facial Complexion? pimple-free b ...

Posted by newbritishmum » 7 weeks ago - 36 views - 0 comments
I finally decided on a boy name....but now I just need to figure out a girl name if I'm having a baby girl ...

Bruce is doing amazing!
Posted by CrystalB88 » 7 weeks ago - 96 views - 1 comment
Bruce is supposed to be 38 weeks in utero still, yet here he is 5 weeks and doing amazing! He spent 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU and has been home almost 2 1/2 weeks now. He was under stress in utero with ...

I Have Good Baby Name News!
Posted by newbritishmum » 7 weeks ago - 49 views - 0 comments
I MAY have a name finally decided on each gender! I’m not 100% sure BUT I have a feeling and I feel a little good about it! ...

Still Having Baby Name Troubles
Posted by newbritishmum » 7 weeks ago - 53 views - 0 comments
I'm still having trouble deciding on baby names. I feel like I'm going to have to post another poll on BabyCenter or Twitter to narrow it down to one name. I thought a baby girl name was close to bein ...

Ideal Baby Name Troubles - which name fits best?
Posted by newbritishmum » 8 weeks ago - 52 views - 0 comments
Here are the baby names I have down so far for girls and boys: For Girls: * Iris Beatrix * Iris Catherine * Catherine Iris * Amelia Iris * Iris Amelia * Beatrix Rose For Boys: * Jasp ...

Feb 4th
Posted by MyBabies* » 13 weeks ago - 152 views - 1 comment
It has been 5 days since I found out that I am pregnant and today I went and had my first blood draw to see exactly how far along I am, I should have the results back by tomorrow or Monday the latest. ...

32 Weeks!
Posted by CrystalB88 » 13 weeks ago - 100 views - 0 comments
I've been crappy about updating here during this pregnancy LOL! But my baby boy and I are doing great! I've lost 7lbs the past week as I haven't had a great appetite, so weight gain is about 0 right n ...

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