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December 2015 Babies - Page 48

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Reply by miniray » Jun. 29, 2016 7:45pm

We - and especially BF - are amazed at how quickly Christopher has taken to solids, he really must have been ready for it! He's a bit cautious with the first spoon or 2, but then he's sat ready with his mouth open for the next one, it's great. So far he's only had small portions of the baby rice and some sweet potato mixed up with some of his formula milk, then we give him the rest of the bottle afterwards. He usually falls asleep straight after (if not during!) for about 30-40 minutes, then it's play time until it's time for bed. we'll try him with some other veg over the next couple of weeks, see how it goes. We need to switch him from 5 feeds to 4 feeds a day now too, so it's gonna be a fun few weeks!

They sell baby food by the age they can start taking it over here, like the rice says 4-6 months and the 'ready meals' with meat in say 8 months. We steam a lot of our veg anyway, so for now we'll just be putting a little extra in it and freezing it. I portioned his sweet potatoes up in an ice cube tray, each one is around 5g and we give him 2 a day at the moment. We'll be (hopefully) moving him to his own room this weekend too, it's such a busy time, turning 6 months!!

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Reply by MalPal85 » Jun. 30, 2016 3:18pm

I really want to start giving Colton real food. Tom and I eat veggies at least twice a week and I feel like I could be processing them and giving them to Colton but I'm scared to. I feel like the baby food is the perfect consistency and I don't want to choke him. Anyone been doing any finger foods or anything else?

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Reply by pbc910 » Jul. 1, 2016 2:24pm

miniray - that's great that he is so eager to eat solids and I bet you'll have so much fun experimenting. Mealtime is one of my favorite times of the day. The only thing you may notice is he may go to the bathroom more and it will be more like adult poo. I was surprised when I changed a diaper and it was the normal soft, poo all over the place kind of thing. The twins went from having dirty diapers every other day or once a day to multiple times a day in the beginning. Now that their tummies have adjusted to solids, they usually go once or twice a day. The best part is they usually do that at daycare so I sometimes go 5 days or more without seeing a dirty diaper!

MalPal - my mom was just talking about this the other night. She said around 6-7 months, she would steam veggies and let us "gum them". She said even without teeth, we would go to town on whatever she gave us. I've been buying Gerber Lil Bits with little pieces of whatever veggies and it's been a rough adjustment for Oliver especially. He doesn't quite know what is going on and he tends to gag on the pieces (they are about the size of an eraser at the biggest but easily mashed). Fiona does pretty good with it and will eat the pieces. You can definitely try and see what he will do (just have some formula or water on hand in case he does act like he is having issues with it). You can also buy those mesh feeders (I'm sure you've seen them in the store) and you can put steamed or cooked fruits and veggies and let them gnaw on them without choking. If you are afraid of giving him larger pieces, you can add rice or oatmeal cereal to what you are feeding him. You can gradually make it thicker and thicker and that might help.
Lastly, you can just take whatever you make and mash it up really well. A lot of moms do baby led weaning, which is basically feeding them what you eat and not doing the whole baby food thing. I totally get the principle of it but I know for me, baby food is much easier with 2.

Hope you ladies and babies are doing well! I am really enjoying being a mom. I remember dreading having to wake up and take care of babies but now, I almost want to wake up the babies at night just to hold them or play with them. I know the next big stage will be teething but my mom says she didn't give it any attention and didn't notice it having a huge effect on her kids so I am hoping that is the case for me.

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