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Pregnant after a miscarriage

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by Miracle7 » Feb. 7, 2013 2:44pm

Hi there ladies,

I was wondering if anyone had any stories to share after getting pregnant after a loss of a baby.

This is my 7th time of being pregnant with only the 2nd pregnancy going full term. i have been blessed with the most amazing little girl ever.

I had my last miscarriage November 2012, it was a missed miscarriage and found out I was pregnant again 14th January. I'm so over whelmed with happiness as I didn't think I would get pregnant again so quickly. Thing is I am also terrified. I'm 8 weeks 3 days and am going through all the thoughts.. keep going to the toilet to wipe myself, every little pain i panic. :-/ I should be having an early scan next week just waiting to hear when it will be.

Here's hoping I have a sticky baby!

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Reply by babynique22 » Feb. 7, 2013 8:37pm

Dont feel like your the only one in the world with this problem. This is my 6th pregnancy. 4 miscarriages, 1 to term, and pregnant now.

In september of 2012 I was pregnant and lost my little one at 5 weeks. The following month I was pregnant again in October 2012 and lost my little one at 6 weeks pregnant. Both of my miscarriages was due to the lack of the doctor providing me with the medication I suppose to be on. I have a disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome (blood clot disorder). Basically my body produces these clots stopping the oxygen flow to the baby causing a miscarriage. The doctors failed to look in my medical records to confirm my diagnoses and therefore denied me of my medicine. It wasn't until I seen a RE that She seen i had a diagnoses and give me my meds. Needs to say since starting the meds I have been progressing properly.
I am currently 7weeks 2 days pregnant.

But just like you I am super nervous about the development of the baby. As concern I going to miscarry. So i was testing with hpt for the first two weeks after found out i was prego. Even though i was being seen by the doctor during that time to test my hcg levels every 48 hours for two weeks. It still wasn't reassuring to me. Because on my last pregnancies I was doubling then too. Then I had a couple of scares in week 4 because I started bleeding vaginally but it stopped after a few hours. I went to the er the said it was a possible miscarriage and there was nothing they could do. But when i talked to the RE nurse the next day she told me it is a possiblty that I had a subchoronic Hemotoma but is normally common with twins. But can not be confirmed until I had a ultrasound. Needs to say my ultrasound wasn't schedule until 6 weeks of pregnancy. When I got my first u/s I was super happy to see all was well. Needless to say I found out i was carrying a twins. And I had a subchoronic hematoma. Since then I had three bleeding epsiodes which are extremely scary. As you never know what the outcome is.

I think all we can do is think for the best. Pray all will be okay and hope nothing goes wrong. However, it will never change the nervous feeling we have looking for every possible sign that something might go wrong. Sometimes i have to remind myself if im not bleeding super heavy the baby is okay. But seeing the ultrasound brings some relief to me seeing my little ones going strong.

everything thing will be okay. just take a deep breath and say you will make it through. best wishes and my prayers are with you.

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Reply by diminished » Mar. 25, 2013 1:39am

This is pregnancy number 9 for hubby and I, we got pregnant 3 times last year and this one now 27 weeks has stuck and i am terrified it wount work out happyily none ever have for us. but we havent ever gotten this far before (and there is no reason why its keeps being a poor outcome)
we didnt even have a cycle in between the last d&c and this pregnancy and this one is seemingly going the distence

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