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Anyone else too busy being nervous to be excited?

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by rocker » Mar. 8, 2013 12:16am

With my DS I didnt even know I was pregnant until after I missed my period. Dr's office was diff back then & I got to go right in to confirm my dates etc. He's now pushing 5 and I've been wanting to have another before the age gap gets too big (for me).

Fast forward, I got pregnant again & the dr's now wont see you until you're 8 weeks, well when you're TTC (if you're like me) you know the second a stick will let you know so I was ecstatic but impatient lol. Anyways, i started to get a bad backache and complained to my dr's office about it & pretty much got blown off... when I did get an appt. the on-call dr. I had actually looked at me and said "you're barley pregnant what are you even doing here?" Implying I was too early to feel any symptoms good or bad! Well, shortly after that appt. bloodwork was ordered from another dr. & things didnt look good, my HCG wasn't doubling & was low, ( i was scared of ectopic 'cuz I started spotting brown too) she sent me in for a 6 week scan which confirmed there was nothing in my uterus... Everything passed after the U/S on its own so I was thankful of no D&C and was told to wait 2 cycles & try again. (BTW when I went to office after u/s my dr. said "good news is there's a sac" me & my husbands mouths dropped cuz the tech informed us of nothing being there so talk about adding insult to injury, she miss-read the paperwork)... The office made my experience so much more stressful than need be!

Fast forward again (sorry for the rant): im pregnant again (YAY)! And nervous 'cuz i had the backache again for a bit and now some cramping which to me reminds me of M/C symptoms I had. Again, they wont see me until 8wks even tho I begged for bloodwork, so I am ever-so-impatiently waiting for that point to get here and trying to not freak over every little pain I get! I just wish they would do my HCG levels again so I could either A.) feel better, or B.) know what to expect and prepare!

Anyone else having a hard time staying excited this time around 'cuz they're worry warts like me?
Backache's alot better now so hoping that's a good thing =)

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Reply by Quartz3 » Mar. 8, 2013 1:58pm

That's totally me!
Although my background is a bit different : we had to make the heartbreaking decision to terminate our first pregnancy when it turned out the baby's brain had basically not developped. We still don't know why it happened, and there is a chance it wasn't a one-off, so this pregnancy has me extremely anxious!

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Reply by rocker » Mar. 11, 2013 12:21am

So sorry to hear that!! GL w/ this pregnancy =)

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Reply by missxbrit » Mar. 28, 2013 8:01pm

You're exactly like me instead of a DS, I have a DD who will be 4 in a few weeks. Hubby and I got pregnant back in August of '12 and ended up having a miscarriage shortly after. Had an blood work and an ultrasound done, ultrasound showed NOTHING. Blood work numbers started to drop. No dnc or anything. Well, I found out that I was pregnant a few weeks ago, before my missed period. The day my period was due, I started to spot again, called up the doctors and they said for me to go for blood work that day, Friday, and again on monday. Needless to say my hcg went from 152 at 4 weeks to 563 at 4w3d. I have my first ultrasound Monday 4/1, should be 6w3d and my first appt the following tuesday :)

Hope everything goes well with you. I'm sorry for your loss and congratulations on the new pregnancy! I know how you feel, I'm still nervous

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